Monday, January 24, 2011


WARNING- this blog post has little point and is really just me babbling away...

I'm alive!  It seems like FOREVER since I last made an appearance.  In actuality- I have gone longer without blogging before- but for some reason this time feels longer.  Maybe it is the whole, last year/this year thing?  I dunno.  Confession?  I was considering dropping the whole blog thing altogether. *gasp!*  I know, what was I thinking?  Could I really stay away?  Of course not!

I did make a couple of decisions.  First- I am going to post my crafty stuff here instead of my sewing blog that I just couldn't get off of the ground.  It wasn't feeling very organic to me- probably because I am just not prolific like the ladies who have the happening sewing blogs.  If and when I get to that point- I will switch to a sewing only blog.  Honestly I was thinking that some of my readers here would be turned away if I talked about sewing and what not.  That leads me to my next decision.  I am going to blog for me, and not what I think people want.  Unless, of course someone asks for something specific (ie if they ask about Japan, or something else I might know a little something about.)  What I mean is, that I am not going to worry that maybe one of my readers might not be interested, so I shouldn't post about it.  Mainly I am talking about the sewing stuffs (ok- and my babbling nonsensical thoughts).

So did you make any new year's resolutions?  I didn't really- I never accomplish anything with them.  I always want to lose weight and get into shape.  But who doesn't?  After all- we eat to the fill during the holidays- and we are left with a food hangover at the beginning of the new year.  I mad resolutions last year- I totally bombed.  These past couple of months I have been dealing with an internal struggle- one between trying to motivate myself and giving up in disgust.  It is a true love/hate relationship I have with myself.  I think positivity is winning right now.

One year I have left in Japan- it makes me sad and happy all at the same time.  I think if Japan was closer to the states, and I could come back whenever I wanted- it wouldn't be such a sad thing.  But honestly- will I ever return?  It doesn't seem likely.  Hubby won't get orders again- he'll be retiring.  So unless my kids end up here- I won't return in all likelihood.  But you can bet I will encourage the kids to come back here in their college years to teach English- I wish I had known about that when I was that age!

So I will continue the Food Fun Friday for your reading pleasure.  I have pictures ready for my post this Friday- from a Peruvian restaurant we absolutely love.  This last weekend I went to California Pizza Kitchen in Kawasaki.  Not very Japanese!  I wasn't really excited to go- but just wanted to get out of the house and off this base.  But Oh-Em-Gee!  My Thai chicken pizza was the bomb!  And the mall in Kawasaki (right outside the train station of course)- is HUGE!

at the Kawasaki train station.  It's funny how when we stopped to take a picture we were immediately surrounded by a Japanese family who wanted to help take our picture!!
On the positive side of things, I have made new friends.  And that is a good thing seeing how I miss my Jaime!  AND!  I found a book club!  I was never more excited, an actual book club IRL!  I had the BEST time talking about books I have read with other people who actually read some of the same books.  That was the BEST.  It is a genre bookclub- since getting multiple copies of books (unless everyone had a Kindle)- here in Japan can be a pain.  So for February we are to read a book written by a comedian.  So now I am trying to decide if I want to read David Sedaris again, or try out Chelsea Handler...

If you are still reading (this rambling blog post), bless you!!  I hope to have some more interesting stuff next time- and maybe it will make some sort of sense.  Until then...