Friday, November 19, 2010

Food Fun Friday- Yakiniku

Happy Friday lovely readers!  I am so so happy for Friday!  Happy even though I can't go to the Beer Garden.  This has just felt like a long week.  How about you, how was your week?  Of course, if you are stateside (or a different part if the world), you are thinking- "Hey, it's only Thursday!"  That is one of the pleasures I take in being in Japan, I get to brag when Friday comes early for me!  But I also spread the joy with my Food Fun Friday, right? *smiles*

Last week Hubby took us to his favorite restaurant here, called Great Viking Restaurant.  Now what kind of food would you think they serve?  {Here is where you discuss amongst yourselves.}

There she is, on the second floor.  Hey, do you see how everyone had backed into their parking spot?  That's how they roll in Japan.  I am learning the art of backing in, though I do get nervous if someone is waiting on me.
It is a yakiniku restaurant.  I thought originally that it was a Japanese thing, but it turns out to be Korean!  I also found out that many Japanese people love Korean food.  I equate it with American's love of Mexican (I am a big fan anyway).

So what is yakiniku, you ask?  It is a "cook it yourself" kind of place.  You get your meats, veggies, and fish, and take them to your booth where a grill awaits you.  It's right in the middle of your table.  Hubby LOVES this place!

The grill on our table.  We've got corn, beef, pork, onion, mini hotdog and yes- that's a baby octopus!  I do not recommend the octopus, by the way.  I do like octopus, but not this way.
I forgot to take a picture of the meat and veggie spread they have, where we go through buffet style to pick out what we are going to grill.  Ok, confession- it was really crowded and I was too embarrassed to take pictures.

They also have plenty of already cooked food to choose from.  They have sushi, ramen, rice (of course), salads, french fries, and a bunch of other things that tend to vary.  And the desserts and ice cream- yummm! Oh, there is a large assortment of different sauces for the meat as well, very delicioso!

It is "all you can eat" at this place.  Basically you pay for the amount of time you plan on eating, if you go over you pay extra.  If you waste food, you pay extra (we did not waste food of course!)  We paid for 60 minutes, which is the smaller amount.  If you have a lot of people, 90 minutes is better since you are sharing a grill.  You can add all you can drink beer as well.  But honestly, I don't know how anyone could drink beer with all that food, where would you find the room?

This place is always busy when we go, sometimes there is a line going out the door and down the stairs.  It is a great place for families to go out to eat.  Last time we saw a table of only kids.  The older kids were helping the younger kids cook their food.  It was very cute, but a little scary too!

Sissy brought her Littlest Pet Shop animals with her.  She had to hide the octopus, however.  She couldn't let him see his brother being cooked on the grill!
Have a great Friday and weekend!!



  1. I just took my husband there a couple days ago for his 1st time. We love it too!

  2. I think my Hubby likes it more than I do- I get impatient waiting for stuff to cook! I forgot to mention how I accidentally picked up some chicken parts I do not normally like to eat- the first time we went! I didn't realize they have every part of the animal. I am not a fan or crunchy cartilage! But the little desserts makes it worthwhile for me. :0)


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