Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Fun Friday- Gyoza

Know what the number one thing (besides sushi), that we looked forward to eating when we arrived in Japan?  Gyoza!!  What is gyoza, you ask?  Basically they are little pot stickers filled with meat and veggies.  They can be steamed or fried.  They are to be eaten while still hot, and dipped in a combination of soy sauce, garlic, oil and red pepper (or any combination thereof.)  

The reason we looked forward to gyoza was because Hubby had made several trips to Japan before we moved here, and each time he brought home packages of frozen gyoza.  It was simply delicious, and we knew it would be even more delicious when eaten fresh.  We were right!  The favorite go to place around here for gyoza is the Gyoza House (also called Mankin) in Sagamihara.  There we order gyoza by the dozen and they bring it out scalding hot and mouth watering.  The gyoza here is a little different here than the typical gyoza sold in other restaurants.  Instead of being pinched into a crescent shape, these are folded into little bundle-like balls.  They cook them in a frying pan and come to our table all stuck together and cozy like they were cooked.  Usually we commence to poking holes to let out the steam so they can cool enough for us to eat.  The first couple are eaten with open mouths as we are trying not to burn our tongues, it is too hard to wait!!  If I could take back three food items with me to the States, it would be gyoza (from Gyoza House), curry rice, and sushi (like they make it here.)

There are several different options for dining, and three floors I believe.  Downstairs they have tables and a long counter.  Before heading upstairs one must remove one's shoes.  Upstairs- they have the low tables where you sit on the floor.  I think the kids enjoy it more.  I still can't get my legs to appreciate sitting on the floor.  Women don't sit cross-legged in Japan.  They demurely sit on folded legs or delicately folded to the side.  It hurts my American legs!!  

We sat at the counter for the first time at our most recent visit.  We were too hungry to wait for a table!

It's 8AM and I am already thinking of lunch!!

we had to wait outside, it was Sunday night, a very busy night for going out to dinner!
someone was grumpy- he needed FOOD!
little balls of goodness!  See the cokes?  I normally don't like regular coke (I am a diet coke kind of gal)- but the cokes here are delish.  I think it is because they don't use high fructose corn syrup in Japan- sugar tastes so much better!
I wish I could get a better picture than this.  Did I mention I am hungry?
where the magic happens.  The guy in the back in steaming the gyoza in a pan.  The red and white stripped package in the forefront is how they wrap the frozen gyoza to take home.  They even give you little miniature bottles of dipping sauce with it.
One thing is for sure, I always end up with garlic breath after eating here!  But it is SO worth it!!!


  1. gah! do you know the name of the road this is on or can you help me find it in some way?!?! I must try these!

    When we 1st found out we were moving here, I found this awesome blog called La Fuji Mama. She had live here for a few years and shares all kinds of Japanese recipes with the blog world, so I tried her super top secret gyoza recipe ( and FELL IN LOVE! I haven't been able to find any here that are as good as her recipe though. This cute little restaurant may be the perfect place!

  2. It is near the Sagamihara station. I'll have to look and see if I can find the map directions I had- I can scan it and send it to you.
    I am going to check that blog out now!

  3. I was able to search for gyoza house on google maps and it came up. Thanks for posting a photo of the outside of the building, I was able to go to the street view and make sure it was actually the right place. We will be making a trip there this week. Thanks a lot!

  4. Jes- you'll love it! Next door is a restaurant called Flap Chop- it has a picture of a guy giving another guy a "flap chop" to the throat. I really want to go just to say I did!
    Also- nearby is our favorite Indian cuisine restaurant- Mahatma. SOOO yummy!!
    Make sure you take some good pictures! :D

  5. Oh my freaking yumminess! I felt like I was carrying twin Japanese food babies when we left that place last night, I was so full! Thanks for the recommendation, it was super delicious! I took a photo of the sign for "slap chop" and all of our friends have gotten a kick out of it. And we noticed the Indian restaurant as we were driving away. We have one right of base here that we LOVE, but we're definitely going to give that place a try soon =)

    I can't wait to hear about more fun new restaurants to try on your Food Fun Fridays =)

  6. I am glad you liked it! I think there are quite a few good Indian restaurants here, we have been to a couple. At Mahatma you can watch them cook your food. I forget my camera every time we go! :)

  7. the husband and some friends want to try a new restaurant tonight and my 1st thought was "wait, I have to see if Ms Famcypants posted a new food fun friday"! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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