Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunshine Stables and Kujukuri Beach

 few weeks ago, Sissy had another modeling job.  This one took us way out to the Chiba prefeecture, which is west of Tokyo and Yokohama.  It is a good 3 hours by train and taxi (from Gumyo Station).  The shoot took place at a lovely little place called Sunshine Stables.  Not only did they have many beautiful horses, but a complete western style ranch house to hang out in.  To top that off- we were a 6 minute walk from the beach (Kujukuri), so we were greeted with the lovely cool breeze from the ocean.

This is by far the best job yet- we would never have visited that place in a million years if she hadn't landed that shoot.  Between pictures Sissy and I visited the horses and chatted with real live Japanese cowboys (and one cowgirl).  They were so friendly and happy to talk about their horses.  Apparently Sunshine Stables is a sort of riding club (that also rents out space for photo shoots), there are even little cabins above the stables where people can stay overnight.  Despite the fact that the cabins might have smelled of horse pucky- I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to have the opportunity to stay overnight- going for a ride on the beach, a big bonfire, and friendly company- sounds like a perfect night!

To be honest- I am not sure where Sissy's pictures are going to show up- magazines, billboards?  It was a big company (I'll say what when the pictures actually come out.)  It should be interesting though!

another view of the stables
last shoot was at the beach- couldn't keep this little girl out of the sand!  She found so many shells, my pockets were full!!  But I have to say I did dip my toes in the water- pure heaven...
We both got our feet nice and sandy.  When we got back to the "ranch" we were told we needed to hop into the taxi to the train station right away since the train only runs once an hour.  So we had NO time to wash our feet!  I tell you we were feeling nice and grimy 3 hours later when we finally arrived back at our home.

Overall, I really like what I have seen of Chiba so far.  Once we were out of the city, we saw fields, wide open spaces and big houses.  It was so refreshing and peaceful.  Tokyo really is a concrete jungle.  As magnificent as it is (and I really do heart Tokyo)- it is nice to get away to the peaceful countryside- it is good for the soul!

Oh- as you may notice I have a new look to my blog.  I couldn't find the cherry blossom pic I had up there before- so I stuck one up of Sissy from this modeling shoot I just wrote about.  Just FYI...

PS- the pictures are all out of order- not sure what I did here- hopefully thet make some sense....

Japanese surfer guy I snuck a picture of....
Sunshine Stables- totally forgot to take a picture from the front- very cute sign...

You know, I swear this guy was posing for me.  It has been a while since I have been around horses.  I forgot how playful and how much character they have.  Another that was out in the pen was totally rolling on her back like a dog does after a bath.  It was hilarious!!  Of course, they didn't all have great personalities.  One of them, a particular quarter horse named Comet- tried to bite me.  I told Sissy it was because I didn't have any food for him (but I think he was really just onery.)

sandy path from the beach to the ranch house


  1. thanks for the info!
    my husband is an IT, so he's pretty much equal parts sea and shore. haha!

  2. Such an awesome day, eh????

  3. i think the blog remodel looks nice...some great pics...and sounds like a place i would love to have stayed as well...

  4. I'd love to check that place out sometime.

    And a big hello to you from Yokosuka! :)


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