Friday, May 20, 2011

Food Fun Friday- Hanaya Yohei

I have been meaning to post about Hanaya Yohei for ummm- since last October?  Better late than never I suppose?
Hanaya Yohei's website  (sorry the link function isn't working properly)

Hanaya Yohei is described a family style sushi and Japanese food restaurant.  It is a chain restaurant, and can be found everywhere.  The atmosphere is like Coco's in the US, very family friendly with large booths and no frills.  the first time the kids and I went was when we first got here.  It was a challenge to order our food and we were afraid to push the button on our table to ask for more water.  I think I have mentioned it before- the waiters and waitresses in Japan will not bother you or ask you to take your order.  You have to summon them.  At first it seems like they are ignoring you if you are used to American style dining.  But then you realize it is NICE.  No one comes by to ask how your food is a million times- and every time you have a mouthful of food.  And no one rushes you out with your check and a meaningful look that says "please leave" so we can clear this table.  Here in Japan all of the places I have been to do not blink an eye if you sit around a chat for an hour after you have finished your food.  I am sure part of that is because Japanese people do a lot of family and friend get-togethers in restaurants.  Their houses are too small to host people, so they meet and socialize over meals.

Anyhoo-  the last time I visited Hanaya Yohei was with my good friends Jaime and Jason.  It was "Beer Garden Friday" and we usually liked to go eat before we headed to the beer garden.  The menu involves many different combos and it is difficult to choose.  There seem to be at least five different things in each selection on the menu.  The sushi is very good, and my favorite thing to eat there.  I did try fried octopus"fries" that night.  They are so delicious!  I would take them over french fries any day.

If you are willing to be adventurous and try things you have no idea what they are, this is a great place to go.  And if you like sushi, this is also a nice change of pace from a sushi go-round.

my meal- cold ramen noodles (I think it is called "somen" when cold?) and tempura.  Yumm!
fried pork or chicken cutlet
sushi- *nom nom*
chicken cutlets


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  1. I <3 the octopus fries! *laughs That is such a perfect way to describe it too!!! Yummmm

    A friend of mine keeps bringing "Tokyo Stop" every time he comes over. "So you remember how it is in japan!" he says. *sigh

    For the record? Tokyo Stop is a pale, pale imitation of the awesome that is Japanese fare.

    I miss yoooooooou! And the beer garden AND Hanaya Yohei! And the fifty gazillion little dishes that hold unique little surprises during meals. And the random "food on a stick" places around town. But mostly you!!!! <3


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