Friday, May 1, 2009

This proud moment (and rambling) brought to you by Motherhood

Tonight my son hit his first home run. I was so proud and so excited for him. I had to fight back the tears in fact. He has trouble with self-esteem, so moments like these make me so happy for him. I knew he could hit the ball, but has been waiting for the "perfect pitch". I have been trying to tell him that a 10 or 11 year old is not going to give him a perfect pitch. Today it finally sunk in and he decided to go for it. The first time up he hit a double. When he made it home he made sure to get my attention and gave me the hugest grin when I told him good job. That in itself is a miracle because he usually forgets I am even there- or at least makes no acknowledgement to that fact. The second time he was up he hit a home run. I was cheering and yelling, as were the other parents. After the game the coaches were telling him what a good job he did and they "knew he could do it". In previous games he would strike out because he was waiting for the perfect pitch as I mentioned- and would have the longest face. Tonight was he was a different child altogether.
When we got home we called Dad on the web cam (woke him up), I let my son tell him all about it. Dad was pretty groggy, I wonder if he will think it was all a dream? The only sad part about tonight was that he didn't get to see him hit that home run. It is one of those bitter sweet moments in our life I guess.

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  1. Congratulations! I'm sorry that you couldn't all be together to share the moment. Jake scored his first goal in soccer on Thursday as well! Neither Jonathan or I were there to see it either and I feel so bad. I guess both parents can't be there for all of them. :(


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