Wednesday, July 21, 2010

last published June 18...

Holy cow!  I can't believe it has been that long since my last post!  To be honest- my life has been mucho crazy lately.  I will spare you tales of car accidents, bar fights and giant cockroaches but instead show you some pictures of Chinatown- taken last month.  Enjoy!

All You can eat Chinese- not a buffet but you pay one price and then order all you want.  We were so stuffed afterwards!  The very BEST Chinese food I have eaten so far!
Bad focus- grilled shrimp- eyeballs and all.  There is something about food that can look back at you. :)
The kids LOVED the food.
One of the entrances to Chinatown in Yokohama.
Sissy posing with the Chinese statues- everyone had umbrellas that day- it was raining cats and dogs!
One of the streets in Chinatown- tons of shops and restaurants.  It is definitely a great place to go if you love shopping and eating!


  1. looks like a cool me some chineses food...esp all you can eat....mmm....

  2. Why does it strike me as odd that Japan has a China town? I guess that I never really thought of it!

  3. Brian- you could do some serious damage in the restuarants there! It is so much better than a buffet too!
    Otie- it does seem funny! Actually there is a Little Korea as well- but not as big. Chinatown is an area that was opened up to Chinese immigrants years and years ago- something like that. It is in Yokohama. I believe Yokohama's port is one of the if not THE busiest ports in the world. Seriously- it is huge!

  4. The pictures of Chinatown look like they could have been taken in San Francisco. How strange they look so alike. And so weird to be in Japan! lol Very cool, though. Looks like so much fun!x

  5. We missed you!!!! Glad you had a great time though ;) Chinatown in Yokohama is an incredible place... so very cool! And who can resist shopping AND great food?!?!?! ;o)


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