Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just a few thoughts and observations on a cold fall day...

Today I received in the mail a very official looking letter.  On the outside it says "Business Mail-Penalty for Tampering"  at the bottom it warns of a $2000 fine, 5 years imprisonment- yadda yadda yadda- to anyone who "interferes or obstructs delivery of this letter".  It is one of those presorted first class US postage paid letters.  I know it is most likely junk mail.  But just in case- I open it to see...
Important Notice--Please read
Regarding your property located at:
*insert my military post office box number*
Hmmm, my property?  I didn't realize people could own a home on a military base in JAPAN.  Obviously these people send out so many letters they don't check silly things like referring to my home as located at a post office box.  It was good for a laugh anyway!

I swear moving to a foreign country has really messed up a lot of things for us.  For instance- the city we lived in and where we are renting our home- continued to charge us for garbage and sewer.  This is after confirming at least twice and the new tenants calling to confirm their move in day- the day they would take over that bill.  Obviously the billing department was not paying attention.  They mailed out the bill the month before the tenants moved in and the bill was returned by the post office.  Yesterday I received a happy letter saying I was 90 days past due.  Excuse me?  I had to refer them to the lady that is managing my property to confirm the new tenant's move in date.  So now the city has obsolved me of any charges- but I think they plan on billing the tenants for 90 days of service.  I hope the tenants raise hell personally.  That is not the first time the city has pulled a boneheaded move like that. hmmph

Right after we moved- my insurance agent up and quit the business.  I had no idea and tried and tried to contact him to suspend the insurance on our truck we left behind.  Finally I had to contact Allstate directly- they had no idea what happened to my insurance agent.  But I did find out this insurance agent added the landlord policy to our home- but did not cancel the homeowner's policy.  So we were double insured and double billed.  Today I received a happy little refund check that I was not expecting.  Its always nice to get money when your not expecting it, don't you think?

Citibank is almost back on my good list.  I won't explain why as it would be TMI for the general public.  But the nice lady I spoke to on the phone tonight thanked my husband for his service in the military.  That doesn't happen everyday (except from my own friends)- so it was nice to hear from a stranger.

I bought a can of Mocha Roca today. That stuff is THE BOMB. It is like Almond Roca but instead of the amonds there are espresso beans inside. So yummy. Who cares if all the Almond/Mocha Roca candies look like cat turds scooped out of the litter box?  I just have to slow down before I devour the whole can.

I have had one million and one tasks/chores/errands to do since we arrived here in Japan.  I think I almost done.  I need to submit the pictures to moving company to prove all the damages they caused to our stuff they moved.  I have been putting it off, I need to get on that if I expect any money from them (I am not holding my breath.)  Part of it is that I just get so mad when I think of how the movers treated our stuff!  I worked so hard to make it easier for them, I was nice to them, bought them donuts and soda.  Bastards!!  At least I know that the efficient and conscientious JAPANESE movers will treat our belongings with kid gloves when they pack our things for when we move from here.

I still don't have a No-Fee Passport.  And those bastards at the special issuance office in DC still have my original documents I sent them (if they haven't lost them ALL by now.)  I don't see what is so "special" about that office.

I gotta get rid of my Dell.  I want a MAC!  Dear Santa...

Brother told me I should go back to work (as in full time).  I thought about it for two seconds.  The money would be nice- but it is hell working and taking care of the kids when Hubby is deployed.  Last March I used two years worth of sick leave because the kids kept getting sick and I had no one to help me.  Sea Duty is for me to play the Stay at Home Mom.  I am ok with that.  Staying at home is hard too, but at least this way I have a little time to myself- and more time to blog.

*In my best Martha voice*... "And that is a GOOD thing!"

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