Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First English Lesson and I am so glad the sun is out!

The day I had been anticipating has finally arrived.  I held my first English lesson here at my house.  I am not sure it went so well, though my student seemed happy when she left.  More than half way through I realized I was talking way too fast and moving too fast through the lesson for her.  I felt so bad!  I guess that will be the challenge, to know where my students are at and be able to speak to them so they understand me.  But she said she enjoyed her time so she will be coming back next week.  Tomorrow I will have another student over.  I have to pick her up at the train station so I am a little nervous about that, but it should be fine right?  I am excited that some of my plans are finally panning out.

On another note I have to say that my mood has lifted with the spring like weather that has arrived.  It is nearly 60 out and it feels like swim suit weather (not that I am about to put one on) after all this cold and yucky snow.  I really feel for all my friends on the East coast back in the states- at least we didn't have THAT kind of snow! 
There is just something about opening all of the windows and doors and letting all the stale winter air out.  Unfortunately it looks like rain by the weekend- boohoo.  But that will just make for a prettier spring- must look on the positive side! :)


  1. Glad you had a good 1st experience, I want to teach English once we get to Japan in about 6 months! Would you share with me how you got started please?

  2. A lot of the wives here teach English- it is great money and a lot of fun! My neighbor is PCS'ing back to the states so she gave me all of her students. It is very common as the students usually want to continue their lessons after their teacher moves.
    The Family Service Center offers a class on teaching English (at least on the Navy bases- but I would think the Army offers something similar?) They put your name on an email list and send out notices for people looking for English teachers. There are also a few English schools that are always looking for students. I only wanted to teach during the day when my kids are in school so it took a while before I attained any students. But if you are willing to work afternoons you can teach children. A lot of Japanese parents want to give their children a hand up on learning English before they have to study English in school (usually in junior high school.) I have some friends who work with the children and they absolutely love it. The children are very receptive and love their American teachers.
    You probably will not be able to line anything up before you get here- but you will want some time to adjust when you get here anyway. Let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks for stopping by!


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