Sunday, December 5, 2010

new neighbors, guilty pleasures, and my sexy sailor

Happy Sunday!  Nothing too exciting to report today.  I took the opportunity to sleep in this morning, which was delightful.

Today I made cookies for the new neighbors (the Chocolate heath cookies I  posted the recipe for previously.)  The townhouse next door has been empty since last July after my chemically imbalanced neighbor moved to a new unit.  I feel bad for her, I truly do.  I also feel really bad about being insensitive to her problems. Unfortunately, the issues I had with her were not an isolated event- her new neighbors are having the same issues.  It is truly sad.

So, as you can guess, I am crossing my fingers these neighbors are nice and normal!  So far so good.  They were very friendly and delighted that I brought them cookies.  I will be so very happy if they DO turn out to be good neighbors!

My new guilty pleasure- The Vampire Diaries.  I rented the first disc out of total boredom with AFN.  I just watched the last disc of Season 1 today.  I checked out CW online to see if I could catch the new episodes.  This is what I got:
Sorry, this content is not available in your location
Boo-hoo!!  I wish we had someway to get past all of that being that we are on a military base.  *sigh* Anyway, I am totally in love with Damon on the show.  Normally I find his type to be creepy, but I just love the thing he does with his eyes. *swoon*

I totally judge myself because I am too old to watch this show for liking this high school show, but I just enjoy it.  So who cares?  
Speaking of vampires, I watched Eclipse today (I went out and bought my copy last night.)  I know how it ends, but I still keep hoping that Bella will choose Jacob.  Now if they had Zac Efron playing Edward, I wouldn't be saying that! hee hee

The highlight of my day was receiving this picture from the very talented photographer who took our picture at the Khaki Ball.  Doesn't my sailor look handsome?  I heart this picture!!

I am wearing my new favorite shoes here.  This is the only good picture of me from that night.  I was in a total bad mood and stayed clear of any pictures.  The only other picture I got caught in and was unaware of, I look like someone had told me my dog had just died.  I was so embarrassed!  I also felt uncomfortable in the dress, it was too big in the top and I was afraid of giving everyone a 'show'.  My two other dresses were ruined by the dry cleaner (story for another day.)  
But at least my honey looks good.  The photographer had him take off his glasses, I think that is what did it. 
Have a great Sunday (and good night for my fellow Japanese residents.)



  1. yes, damon is smooooookin' hot. You can get Netflix discs, we just can't watch them online, on the xbox, etc. overseas.

  2. Yes he is!! We have Netflix, but I keep meaning to cancel it- too slow. I do watch Hulu, it works most of the time luckily. I wish they had Vampite Diaries. Oh well- I just downloaded the first book on Kindle, that will have to do...

  3. I just love that pic of you guys :o) You both look fantastic!

    The drycleaners though! GRR! That gives me a sad!!!

    But, uhhh, bonus for instant Kindle deliveries, right???? :oD

  4. Hello! I'm a brand new follower of your blog, and a fellow Navy wife :-)

  5. Hi Miranda, thanks for stopping by! Sorry I have been busy with the holidays so I haven't posted much lately...

  6. I have the same problem finding some of my favorite shows here as well...and I have a solution! We have downloaded an "I.P. Blocker". All we do is simply turn it on when we want to watch a show, and it masks our Japanese IP address as an American one. You might want to do a little research on which one to download, though. We use Hotspot Shield, and it gives us quite a bit of pop ups (which I surely don't mind because now I can watch all the shows I want). But, some people don't want to deal with all that, so I'm sure there's another one out there that you can use! Also, you can stream certain shows and sporting events live on . That was a lifesaver when my husband and I wanted to watch "New Years Rockin' Eve"!


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