Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Wednesday! (random nothingness)

It's Wednesday, but I really wish it was Friday.  This is one long week for some reason.  If you are stateside- then it is still Tuesday- my apologies.

I always say I am half-Catholic.  I say that because my dad's side of the family is Catholic (my dad used to tell me how he was an altar boy back when they held Mass in Latin), my step-dad was Catholic, and my mother and I attempted to become Catholics.  I attempted because I went to CCD as a teenager (I was quite lost not knowing all the prayers for the rosary), and my mother met weekly with the monsignor of the church for her Catholic education.  However, she could not become Catholic because she was "living in sin".  She was "living in sin" because her marriage had not been blessed (?) by the Catholic church.  Her marriage was not blessed by the Catholic church because my step-father was "living in sin".  My step-father was "living in sin" because he was still "married" to his ex-wife, in the eyes of the church.  In order to not be "married" to his ex- they had to go through some process that would require him to contact his ex.  He did not wish to contact his ex because she had finally stopped harassing our family- probably because she didn't know where we had moved to.  I never became Catholic because I thought they would find some reason I couldn't be Catholic either. Therefore I never went to talk to the monsignor as I was directed to do, if I wanted to go through the process.  So that is why I am only half-Catholic, it's by blood and circumstances.  

Now it is Lent and I was thinking of something my half-Catholic self could give up.  But obviously I am not a true Catholic because I couldn't think of anything that was an actual sacrifice- only random silly things, like:

1. crack 
2. bunjee jumping
3. body piercing
4. cigarettes
5. roller skating
6. hitch-hiking
7. liver
8. pole dancing
9. cannibalism
10. soap operas

Seriously, I applaud those who give up their true vices- like sugar and soda- or chocolate!  They are better people than I.

On a totally unrelated note- I found something a couple of weeks ago that I thought had been lost forever!  It was the CD with all of our digital pictures of my kids when they were really small.  Not only did I find one CD, but two copies!  I was practically in tears when I saw that the CD was actually readable (I had found a different CD months back- but it was damaged and it wouldn't read.)  I must have spent at least an hour looking through all of the pictures.  When hubby came home, I did the same thing all over again, except this time looking over his shoulder as he went through the picture files.  This picture now graces his wallpaper on the PC monitor:
Brother enjoying a popcicle in our backyard- back when we were stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ, circa 2000.
He wasn't even two yet here.  I love this expression, it makes my heart all melty and nostalgic and sad that he is growing up so fast!  He will be 13 this year. 13!  Like I said, we were so happy and relieved that these pictures had not been lost to this world!  I promptly copied them to our external hard drive.  Where is another good place to back up all of our pictures I wonder?

On another unrelated note- I am down 7 pounds!!  It is not all due to Crossfit- I had lost 5 before I started last week.  But I have definitely noticed a huge difference already since I started working out last week.  I have had 4 workouts and I feel so much stronger already.  I am sold, hook-line-and-sinker. 

Stay tuned for more random thoughts and adventures.. or not. *wink wink*


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