Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can I go home now?

We are on week three in Safe Haven land.  Now that the jet lag is gone and we got to see family, I am ready to go back.  Unfortunately, things don't seem much better in Nipponland.  They aren't WORSE, but not much better either.  I think things ARE better in Tokyo as they don't have so many rolling blackouts to put a stand still on everything.  But as far as the Nuclear reactor problem, they have made baby steps so far.  I know things will get better, I just need to be patient (take a cue from the Japanese.)
My in-law's pad is gorgeous- better than a hotel.  In area it is bigger than the 4-plex we live in on base.  But it is not my HOME.  Know what I mean?  I miss my bed, my things.  I miss being able to make a mess and being able to pick up after myself at my own leisure.  I miss running my own household.  Here I feel like I have worn out my welcome.  I know I haven't really, but you know how it is when you feel like you are "in the way?"  I have interrupted the "flow" here and I hate that.
So after feeling sorry for myself- I see this.  My heart is still breaking for Japan.  I want things to get better so I can return.  But more importantly- I want things to get better for the Japanese people who are suffering.  I am sure they aren't whining like me.  I am so grateful my family is well and safe.


  1. I so understand that feeling. After the earthquake in Christchurch I went to stay with relatives and after a few weeks I was so desperate to go home. I hope that things get better in Japan soon and you can return home. Those images in the link were heartbreaking but the photos of the kids going back to school and playing soccer make me glad that at least for some people things are starting to get better.

  2. I loved the pictures of the kids being silly and going to school as well. Children are so resilient!
    I should find out next week if and when I can go back.


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