Wednesday, April 6, 2011

missed my blogiversary

I just realized that on April 1st, I had been blogging for 2 years.  Geez, it feels LONGER than that.  Happy belated blogiversary to me.

Looking back:
2 years ago I was trying to get TO Japan.  The No-Fee ASSport Passport people were making me jump through hoops to prove I wasn't born in Mexico.

2 WEEKS ago I was trying to get OUT of Japan.

2 years ago I was missing my sailor terribly- knowing I wouldn't see him for another 5 months.

Today I am missing my sailor, not knowing WHEN or WHERE I will see him next.

2 years ago my kids were both in elementary school.

Today my son started middle school. (He was still in elementary school when we were in Japan.  Here in Colorado 6th grade is MIDDLE SCHOOL).

2 years ago I thought GETTING TO JAPAN was the hard part.

Today my heart aches because I had to leave.

2 years ago I was determined to learn Japanese.

Today all I can do is order food.

2 years ago the only foreign countries I have been to were Mexico and Canada.

2 years later I have added Japan and Singapore to that list.  I was hoping for more than that- but I am grateful nevertheless.

2 years ago I didn't think I will be able to keep up a blog.

Well, here I still am!  I haven't been the most consistent blogger.  I know some of what I post is pure dribble and a snoozefest.  But I do have some good memories here.  If nothing else- I have my Food Fun Friday posts to look back on.

One of my favorite pictures as of late:

This isn't really related to my blog post.  But this picture just tears me up.  It is a Japanese man hugging one of the Helo guys (I believe it is HS-4) who came out with relief supplies for the tsunami victims.

I hope that on my next blogiversary I will be able to report that all is well in Japan again.  Ganbate Kudasai!

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