Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Japanese beauty...

The Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) have bloomed!  It is as beautiful as everyone said it would be.  Yesterday we went to the park to take some pictures.
It looks like the ground has been sprinkled with pink powdered sugar- it is so pretty!

That's Sissy walking with her bestest friend.

Pink Blossoms- the majority of the trees seem to have pink blossoms.

The white blossoms are beautiful as well.

A mother and her daughter catching cherry blossoms as they fall from the tree (which happens everytime the wind blows.)  Sissy informed me that if you catch a cherry blossom before it hits the ground- you can make a wish.  We all tried catching them- it was a lot harder than it looked!  But then I figured it out- see how in the pictures they are cupping their hands?  That is how it is done.

I plan on taking more pictures when the lighting is better.  Here's hoping for sunshine!

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  1. These are beautiful!!! I can't believe how pretty it is, I bet it's even more so in person =)


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