Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Fun Friday- The Great Chip Adventure!

Happy Friday everyone!  I just love Friday.  I don't have to work, and Friday is the day I go to eat Hot Caesar Salad with my ladies.  If you haven't tried it- trust me it is delish.  The lettuce isn't hot- only the toppings- which consists of (you actually fill out a ticket to say if you want all or some of the following items): green peppers, mushrooms, onions, bacon, garlic, chicken and/or shrimp.  They stir fry it up and toss it with lettuce, croutons, and dressing.  Sooo good!  I even got fellow blogger Jes from Bleu Dress and Dress Blues to join our group every Friday.  The company is even better than the food- I so enjoy chatting with my girls every Friday.  When I am having one of those weeks- I have something to look forward to.

Today I don't have a restaurant review- but I thought I would show some of my favorite  chips.  I am on a low carb diet- so of course I am dreaming of  chips- ha!  Seriously though- Japan has some pretty awesome chips- in all different flavors, shapes and colors.

Yesterday I cheated on my diet with these lovely curry flavored chips.  Japanese curry rice is a favorite of mine- so imagine my excitement when I found these lovely chips at a convenience store.  I meant to only sample one and then pass it off to the children.  But the children didn't eat them all- so I finished them off myself. *blush*
I originally titled my post "potato" chip edition- but not all of these chips are potato chips.  I have found all sorts of chips- corm chips, vegetable chips and even chips made from bread (thinner than bagel chips and therefore qualify as a real chip in my opinion.)

These can be found anywhere and everywhere in Japan.  They have mastered the art of snacking!

The sliced bread chips.  They were thin and crispy- and quite tasty with the strawberry flavoring added.
The guy on the left is actually a box of creme filled cookies- they are quite tasty and I pick them up whenever I see a new flavor.  The bag in the middle is lime and chili- very good!  And the bag on the right is the front side of the bag of bread chips.
Wasabi chips on the left.  On the right- butter and honey chips.  Very unusal flavor for a potato chips- but these are my favorite.  Unfortunately our dog Brownie found them quite tasty as well and stole the bag off the counter while I was out of the house. *sad face*
Ok- obviously the stuff in the bag on the left are not "chips"- but the little dried fishies are considered "snack food".  I haven't been brave enough to try- but I sent them to my in-laws with the Christmas presents the year before last.  The bag on the right I think is also a fish falvored chips- apparently it goes well with beer!
I thought I had more pictures than I do!  I will have to take more.  Stay tuned to Part II of The Great Chip Adventure!

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