Monday, February 28, 2011

Today I did not die

Sounds pretty dramatic, I know.  Today was day one for Crossfit, and I survived.  But man do I feel it!  My muscles aren't sore (yet), but I just feel so heavy and tired! But- I am so glad I went.  Thank goodness Jes decided to go as well, or I might have wimped out seeing how I was sick with a stomach virus on Saturday. 

I only had to do half the time (10 minutes), and that's a good thing or I might really be in the hospital right now!  Just kidding, (or maybe not.)

I know this sounds funny- but I literally had anxiety dreams last about going today.  In one dream everyone was mad at me for being the FNG and they were planning on working out for 3 hours.  3 hours!  In other dreams I was just nervous and embarrassed at my out of shape self.  Can you tell I was nervous about going?  I literally felt like crying when I got there today.  I am such a dork!

But it ended up ok and I wasn't too embarrassed.  Everyone was very supportive and that really helps.  I think if it was a group of un-supportive people I wouldn't go back.  Shoot- I KNOW I wouldn't go back!

I can't go back until Thursday, so that's two days to recover- we'll see how it goes next time!

I leave you with my "before" picture.  Sorry- I am not willing to get into a bathing suit- and you should thank me for that really.
"Before" picture- can't say when the "after" picture will be.  And *ahem*, never mind the messy kitchen!
Ja mata ne!


  1. I thought for a minute...ok like 19 or the 20 minutes, that I might puke and all I could think was man that would be so embarrassing! I am so glad we both survived without tears or vomit =)

  2. Good thing all I ate was half a banana or I WOULD have puked! It was all up in my throat, I coughed for two hours afterwards.
    Yay for us! :0)


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