Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last fall I was writing about my troubles with Brother and his problems at school.  It was especially hard that Hubby was gone- mainly because said husband would look up the grades online and then proceed to email me commands on what I needed to do.  He was very frustrated and thus I was frustrated, and at times- insulted.  Since then Brother was able to improve his grades.

Fast forward to today.  Hubby just left and hello!- he gets a nice little email from the grades website that Brothers grade in Math was dropped to 56%.  So then he forwards it to me with the note "I need to stop getting these. Hopefully he gets his grades up before the end of the year." 

It's deja vu and not the good kind.  So now I have that awful feeling of stress in my gut and I can't shake it.  To make it worse- I got an email from his teacher letting me know that Brother " has not been coming to class prepared for weeks. He never seems to have a pencil and is not focused on completing his work."  It goes on from there.  I just want to cry now.  I need a plan of action and fast.  School will be out for the day here in a little bit and I need to have my speech ready (ie- "you're grounded.")  The second thing I am going to do is delete Hubby's email so he doesn't get the grade reminders.  Then I will tell him he is not allowed to look at the grades since he can't do anything from where he is it. 

Did I mention that I feel the need to cry?

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