Sunday, May 23, 2010

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

It's time to break from the serious stuff and join in on a little fun...
This has been going around, here's my version:

1. Favorite Hobby

If you have peeked at my other blog (that is very slow to get off the ground *sigh*)-   sewing is my heart's desire.  I love taking a piece of fabric and transforming it into something wearable, usable, etc.  I also am learning to knit.  In the past I used to crochet and do cross stitch- but it's been a while.  I love scrapbooking and have oodles of supplies, but like sewing- it is messy and time consuming- so I usually haul out the sewing stuff when I have to choose.  I love to read and do it whenever I can (it is my escape- especially during deployments.)  My latest hobby/ past time is doing crossword puzzles- so fun!

2. Favorite TV show

Here all I get is AFN.  That means we don't get the new shows until 6 months to a year later, and I don't have DVR anymore!  So what I do is buy the series when they come out on DVD.  My current favorite is Glee.  What is not to love about that show!!  I even got Hubby into it.  The other shows I like are Heroes and True Blood (I have it pre-ordered with Amazon, can't wait!!!) 

3. Favorite Resturant

I miss Red Robins!!  In WA I think we ate there at least once a week.  Here in Japan my faves are a sushi -go-round restaurant called Kamisushi and an Indian restaurant called Mahatma's.  On base I prefer to eat at the Golf Course restaurant.  It is the newest and the nicest, but it's no Red Robins!

4. Favorite thing to shop for

Fabric, sewing patterns and shoes- please don't make me choose just one.

5. Favorite Animal

I can't choose really.  But as far as pets go- I say my dog is the best dog ever.  She is a chocolate lab and is the sweetest girl ever.  I love her to pieces.

6. Favorite Song

Come On Get Higher- Sugarland's Version.  I like Matt Nathanson's original too, but Sugarland really rocks it in my opinion.  Unfortunately, there is no actual video, but here is a video someone shot at a concert in Del Mar, CA.  I hope to see them in concert someday.  Someone needs to convince them to come to Japan yo!

7. Favorite Word

I don't know- but I keep saying "right right" whenever someone is telling me something.  Where the H did that come from?  It is driving me nuts.

8. Favorite recent YT video

I posted my favorite a while back- so I won't repeat it- but here's another good one:

9. Favorite Movie

 Steel Magnolias- I can quote that movie line for line.  Some recent favorites are The Secret Life of Bees (almost as good as the book) and Julie and Julia (I have Mastering the Art of French Cooking on order from Amazon as we speak.)

10. Favorite childhood memory

Going to the Bud Kearns Memorial Swimming Pool in Morley Field in San Diego, and also going to the beach (usually Mission or Pacific Beach).  Unfortunately I was always getting bad sunburns, I am sure I will pay for it sooner or later...

I am so glad this pool is still around.  It has been around forever- it was opened in 1933 originally.  The park setting is just gorgeous.  I hope to take my kids there someday...


  1. I loved learning more about you. I'm a True Blood fan too! I have yet to see Glee though and with everyone talking about it I know I'm going to have to watch it one of these days.

    Oh..and I'm a huge fan of Steel Magnolias. We were stationed in Louisiana and the town they used to shoot the movie in was only about an hour away from us.

  2. OMG. I can't stop laughing at that video! Great blog, btw

  3. Thanks! Sorry I have been away for a bit, need to get back on the blogging waggon!


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