Monday, September 20, 2010

One of the benefits of living in Japan...

Is that my daughter gets the opportunity to model- something not accessible (and frankly- not desirable), in the States.  My daughter has the blonde hair/blue eye European look to her- and that is something the Japanese love (or like).  The modeling agencies actually come to the different bases (to a 'modeling fair') so one can sign themselves and/or their children up.  Last year we attended one of those modeling fairs.  We handed out Sissy's info (name, height, weight, etc), and the agencies took her picture.

So now we get calls and/or emails for different auditions and jobs coming up.  We have gone to 4 auditions- with no luck at any of them.  However, she did get three jobs just from picture selections (no need to audition).  She probably would have had more jobs by now, but often times the auditions and jobs are at the same time as school events and/or sports that Sissy is involved with. 

I have taken her out of school a couple of times and have picked her up early.  I anguished over it at first.  But a friend told me something that I think is very true- "don't let school get in the way of your children's education".  Now- don't think I am saying that MODELING is a replacement for school!  But, the times I have taken her out of school have always involved seeing new parts of Tokyo and Japan.  I take the time to look up the area and we find unique and new things we haven't seen before.  And frankly- we would never have been to some of these places if it hadn't been for a job or audition.

I made it sound worse than it actually is- I have only taken her out early or for the day 6 out of those 7 trips.  She is also a good student, so I am not worried about her falling behind.  (In other words- Brother wouldn't be a candidate for modeling- EVEN in he wanted to.)

Sissy has had a great time at the three jobs she had.  I know I have blogged about it before, so I will stop there.  I have, however, decided, after the last audition, to stop going to auditions.  If she happens to get a picture selection, that is great, but we don't have time for all of the auditions.  If we were closer to Tokyo, it would be easier.

That said- her last audition was for a famous American clothes company.  To give you a hint- they told us not to have her wear Ralph Lauren, because [insert designers name here] hates Ralph Lauren.  That cracked me up.  She didn't get picked- too bad- it was good money and I am sure the pictures would have been awesome.  Speaking of which- that is my favorite part.  For your viewing pleasure here the pictures she did for a jewelry designer at the beginning of the year.  They were shown at an exhibit- I wish I could have been there!

This was on the postcard invites to the exhibit

If anything- she will have some great stories to tell of her 'modeling days' in Japan!

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