Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time warp

Just an update- Hubby made it back to his parents', but missed his grandma's service by an hour.  He travelled for three days, only one of the nights did he actually stay in a hotel.  I was a nervous wreck for him!  And in the end, we just couldn't find a flight that would get into the town he is from- any earlier.  It is a case of a small airport due to being located in a small valley surrounded by flat top (mesa) mountains.  At one point he said he would get a rental car and drive.  I am so glad I talked him out of it.  Not only would he probably still miss the funeral, but there was a high probability his exhausted self could fall asleep at the wheel!  I have to say, when he puts his mind to something- he drives straight ahead!

Let me tell you one of the big issues with living overseas is the time difference!  I was trying to get tickets for Hubby stateside- but since we are 14 hours ahead, I couldn't get the internet sites (Expedia for example), to let me buy a ticket for the previous day!  FRUSTRATING.  Soon, Hubby, my MIL, and myself had a call triangle going on.  I called her via Skype, but had to call him via our cell phones.  My MIL ended up buying the ticket for Hubby.  On a side note- I am Very scared to see what our cell phone bill is going to look like with international roaming charges, ugg!!

I have had to stay up late every night just so I can call my MIL.  That equates to staying up until midnight for me.  While I tend to be a night owl- lately I have been so tired I just want to go to bed early.

All this trying to buy tickets for the day before and staying up late to talk to family early in the morning got me singing the Time Warp song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  We actually did this dance in 7th grade for our "Future Fair" we put together.  Now I need to find this movie on DVD...

Enjoy- now that I got to talk to the Hubby, I am going to bed!!


  1. I do believe they have that at the NEX... and I kinda wish I was at your Future Fair - would've been fun!!! ;o)

    I'm so sorry you guys have had to deal with all this - but I'm totally relieved that Chad made it in one piece and could be with your family for at least part of the service. Hopefully the return leg of this journey won't be quite so exhausting for him....

  2. oh now i am going to have that stuck in my head tonight...smiles. sorry to hear about the funeral...and i imagine the time difference would be a beast...thansk for the support tonight!


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