Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hello lovely readers.  Finally!  I have pictures for you from my most awesome trip to Singapore.  I flew out a month ago to meet my sweetie in the most awesome (excuse my redundance) country of Singapore.  Honestly, Singapore was never on my so to speak "bucket list", but it should have been!  I had the opportunity to meet Hubby during a port call and my most awesome friend Jaime agreed to watch the kidlets.  Because of that, Hubby and I enjoyed a true "second honeymoon." AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!  Did I say how awesome it was?

Singapore is about a 6 hour flight from Tokyo.  To be honest, I didn't realize how close it is to Australia.  For people coming from the States, Singapore is one long trip!  I sat next to a kid from Louisiana, he had already travelled 14 hours just to get to Tokyo.  He and his mother were so tired looking travellers.

I arrived in Singapore about midnightish.  Getting through immigration and customs was a breeze, and not scary like I thought it would be.  After all- Singapore has some strict laws.  I was scared to bring gum- for goodness sake!  A side note to my SOFA sponsored family members in Japan.  Be sure you have your military ID and a valid SOFA stamp in your passport (No-Fee OR Tourist passport) before you travel out of the country.  I know a few people who have had a hard time getting back to Japan because they didn't have their SOFA stamp.

I hopped in a taxi- and weee!!  I was cruising through Singapore to my hotel room.  I felt like such a grown-up, taking a taxi all by my lonesome in a foreign country to stay in a hotel room all by myself.  I arrived a day before my honey so I was on my own.  He laughed at me when I told him later how I felt like the big "world traveller".  I know there are people out there that have done more travelling before they hit 21, but just let me have my moment, ok?

Travel mistake number 1- booking a "cheap" hotel the first night because Hubby won't be there and it doesn't seem necessary to have a really nice room for the first night.  Wrong!  First of all- I was BY MYSELF.  Therefore staying in a nice hotel would be better just for the sake of feeling secure.  That hotel I stayed at had people walking up and down the hallways at all hours!  There was no shower stall- just a shower head mounted on the wall by the toilet.  Gross!  There was still water on the floor from who knows when, and sooner or later the ceiling will fall down as the giant ring of mold is surely going to win eventually.  The pillows smelled like cigarette smoke and cheap cologne.  I truly thought I was in one of those "hourly" hotels.  The next morning there were families in the lobby, however.  I felt a LITTLE better at that point.  Lesson learned- not only was it a bad experience- but I had to pay extra cab fare to get to the new hotel and spend the extra time checking out and then checking in to the new hotel.  Silly me!
The picture looks nicer than it is, what you don't see is the giant black circle of mold directly above. ewwwww!

Hubby and I stayed at The Swissotel Merchant Court, located on Clarke Quay (pronounced "key").  I LOVE The Swissotel!  It is right across the street from the MRT (train) station, so convenient.  And Clarke Quay is chock full of yummy restaurants and great night life.  We spent one evening at the Crazy Elephant and enjoyed the live house band.  Hubby saw them last year when he was in Singapore and was excited to see the band again with me.  I was so touched.
Swissotel Merchant Court- I HIGHLY recommend it!
The video is from the house band at the Crazy Elephant Bar.  Check out "Osh-Kosh" in the front.  He was the band's biggest fan- but he was the smallest guy.  With his striped polo shirt he looked like a kid wearing Osh Kosh B'Gosh.  He provided us with endless entertainment.
We visited Little India, Arab Street, Marina Bay, Universal Studios (Sentosa Island), and went to the Night Safari.  We actually hit the same restaurant in Little India twice.  They had the most delicious curry!  I am STILL full from all that food!    Universal Studios was a slight disappointment.  I think it is still fairly new and so not all of the rides were open yet.  I think the kids would have enjoyed it though.  If we take the kids to Singapore next year- we will most likely hit up Universal Studios again.
Universal Studios- the Shrek 3D movie was a hoot!

I love Arab Street- it is chock-full of fabric stores!  Plus hearing the call to prayer from the Mosque was mighty cool too.
Foot eating fish, or is it fish eating feet?  (Jaime?)  Whatever way you want to put it- I just call it TICKLISH!!  I was laughing so hard I had the girl who worked there asking me if I was ok.  This was at the Night Safari, by the way.

The hardest part of the trip was when Hubby had to go back.  I cried all the way on the train ride back to the hotel.  Lucky for me, I found a couple of other girls who's hubbies just left as well- in the hotel lounge where I went to get a glass of wine.  So we spent the night chatting and enjoying some cocktails.  We also met for breakfast and dinner the next day.

Singapore felt so different once the sailors were gone!  It was really quite lonely, to tell you the truth.  My last night I stayed near the airport in Changi.  I stayed at the Changi Village Hotel.  The name doesn't sound like much, but I HEART that hotel!  My room was awesome- totally fung shui.  The pool on top (8th floor)- was just gorgeous.  I enjoyed happy hour in the lobby while perusing Facebook on my iPhone using their Wi-Fi (I had to catch up you know.)  Also I was able to email my Hubby as he was back underway.  Happy Hour's special was 'buy one get one'.  So I had two lovely glasses of red wine on an empty stomach (I couldn't decide where I wanted to eat.)  I was quite buzzed and felt so silly!  I decided to go Italian and ate at the restuarant upstairs by the pool.  I sat outside and it was absolutely lovely.  After dinner I enjoyed another dip in the pool.  Did I mention how awesome the pool is?

My camera lens fogged up everytime I went outside- it was on the humid side.  Isn't it beautiful though?  Those are plumeria trees, or something close to it- so pretty and serene!  On a side note- all the jacuzzis in Singapore do not have hot water- same temp as the pool, only with bubbles.  Weird!

You know you enjoyed happy hour a little too much when...  I loved that room though...
I was happy to go home, I missed my kiddos.  They missed me too!  I think maybe Brownie, our dog, may have missed me the most.  She was so darn cute!

A month later and it all seems like a dream.  Hubby says the same.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  No schedule, we did what we wanted, stayed out late and slept in every morning.  ( We missed breakfast every single day because we slept in.)  This was his 4th time in Singapore- he was just happy to show me where he had been before.  I can't wait to go back.  I can't wait to see him again even more.  I miss my honey!!

Before I sign off- here are some more pics for ya...

view from the Swissotel

The first Youth Olympics were being held while we were in Singapore.  Here I am with the mascots- Leo and Merly!




  1. That bathroom looks mighty small... I turned my nose up a bit when I saw the shower head next to the toilet.

    and I want fish to eat the dead skin off my feet!

  2. It was so gross! I put a towel on the ground to stand on so I could shower. There is nothing like taking a shower over a toilet- that should be reserved for RVs only!

    I only paid for 5 minutes for the fish thing, so I didn't notice any difference in my feet. Hubby liked it but the little suckers kept in between my toes- that tickled so bad!

  3. Reminds me of when I met my hubby for mid-tour leave in Germany. I also got there a night early and booked the cheapest room available. Why do women not spend more on themselves? lol!

    Glad your trip was a blast and how exciting is that to meet other spouses in the lobby! Too cool!

    Jennie Pie
    "Capturing Sweet in the East"

  4. Hey Jennie! Thanks for stopping by! Korea is on my list of places to go, hopefully within the next year. How do you like the food? The Japanese here LOVE Korean food, lol. In fact I didn't realize some of the places we went to were Korean style food and not Japanese (yakiniku).
    I'll have to check out your blog now!

  5. FEET EATING FISH!!! *laughs I'm sooo glad you had an awesome time! Did you think it was awesome? I think maybe Singapore gets the Awesome label! Wouldn't it be awesome to kick back and talk s'more about Singapore?!? ;o)

  6. Jaime I knew I had it wrong, I stand corrected. Did I mention how AWESOME Singapore is? I gots wine, we can discuss it s'more...


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