Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Did You Know? (Random Facts about me that you may or may not care about!)

As you know- its "all about me"- so read on...

Did You Know?...

That Rosie Greer taught me how to make a hook shot when I was at basketball practice in the 10th grade? (and I had no idea who he was until my coach told me afterwards.)

That I really sucked at basketball?  I could make 3 pointers no problem- only not during the actual game.  I just couldn't dribble and run at the same time.

That I once met Mario Lopez from Saved by The Bell?  Yeah- I wasn't that impressed either...

Maybe is he was dressed like this I would have been more impressed...

That I can't rollerskate? (see the comment about basketball)

That Tony Lama gave my mother a pair of cowboy boots when she was 9 months pregnant with me?  I have those boots now.

That my first kiss was with Johhny Martinez in the 2nd grade?  I thought he was cute because he looked like John Travolta (as much as a 7 year old can look like John Travolta anyway.)

Johnny had the headband thing going too.

That I don't like plain Lay's potato chips- because they smell like farts to me?

That I like to dunk my PB&J sandwiches in chicken noodle soup?

That I once threw a heavy pair of scissors at the girl who lived across the street from me when I was 9 years old?  Lucky for me (and her) I had bad aim.

That I was robbed at gunpoint when I was working for Petco 15 years ago?  They never caught that bastard.

That I married my hubby a little over six months after meeting him for the first time?

That this month we celebrated our 14th anniversary?

That growing up in San Diego- I swore I would never date a sailor?  And then I married one!

That my junior high school was (is) next door to the San Diego Zoo?  We really enjoyed the smell of camel dung when we did our Friday run.

That my first words were in Spanish- because I had a Mexican nanny?  I then forgot it all after she left.

That I speak Spanish now?

That I have lived in 7 states and 2 countries?

That I have two tattoos?

That my favorite foods are sushi and ceviche?

I prefer my sushi served on a plate- personally...

That I think it is really gross to eat sushi off someone's naked body?  Whipped cream and chocolate maybe- but not RAW fish!  I was grossed out when Samantha did that in the Sex and the City movie too...

That I can't think of anything else to say?

Well- not really- but...

Hey!  Thanks for reading!



  1. That was a great post!
    Rosie Greer is a name that I have not heard in a while.

    You give away your age with some of these, lol. A crush on John Travolta!

    I could eat anything off of a naked woman, except raw fish. That seems kind of redundant! lmao!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA to the sushi comment- I never thought of it that way!
    I am about the same age as Mario Lopez- 24. ;)
    I AM NOT LYING!! lol


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