Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nothing to say... (yeah right!)

I started to post the other day and then scrapped it- it seemed like I had a good idea- but then it just sounded like a bunch of rubbish.  I tend to babble- but this was bad babbling.

So I am in a better mood these days.  After getting over the unanticipated shock over my grandmother's anticipated passing- I feel more at peace.  I realized that her being in hospice was always in the back of my mind- and I felt guilty that I wasn't there for my mom.  It is kind of like I have been holding my breath this whole time.

I am still trying to get into the holiday groove here- which is a task if you live in Japan.  Here they buy a Christmas Cake on the 25th on the way home from work for their family.  Strange that they don't have the day off- but why would they?  The groceries store in town has flyers in the front entrance showing all of the cute cakes they make.  Like I said- they are "cute"- but to me not very Christmas-y.  I told hubby after chowing down on some marzipanstollen I bought at the commissary yesterday- I would like to spend a Christmas in Germany some day.  I would probably eat my way through the country and then have to buy two seats for myself on the plane ride home.  The Germans make the best Christmas food- in my opinion.  Hubby actually lived in Germany as a teenager- so he agrees.  Last year for my Christmas present he took me to a bed and breakfast in Leavenworth (Washington- not the prison.)  Leavenworth is this adorable little Bavarian town nestled in the Cascade Mountains.  That was the best Christmas present ever.
The Serenity Suite at the All Seasons River Inn

The All Seasons River Inn is located on Icicle Road- which is aptly named.  In January the whole town is one giant icicle.  Good thing we had 4-wheel drive and good thing I didn't have to drive.  Hubby parked our giant Dodge truck in the tiny parking lot- or should I say he "slid" the truck into the parking lot- literally.

I loved that place- I dream about it all of the time.  When I need to go to my "happy place"- I think of our room in that B&B.  Everyday they leave you a delicious homemade goodie in your room on antique glassware.  They are always cooking and baking so the place smells like heaven.  They served the best breakfast too!  We spent our time there enjoying the ice festival, eating shnitzel, and drinking german beer.  Oh, we also checked out the wine tasting galleries.  We bought one of the bottles from Three Sisters Winery and found some lovely cheese to to go with.  Like I said- I LOVE Leavenworth.  If we get to move back to Washington some day- I am going to make that an annual ritual for our anniversary.

I guess I am thinking about Leavenworth because of the holiday feel and the "coziness" of the place.  If I could go anywhere right now- that would be the place.  For now I will just have to get out a bottle of wine and some cheese and close my eyes and pretend I am there.

I was going to write something about my wacky neighbors- but I think I will save that for my next post- something to look forward to (at least for me.)

Until then...



  1. What a wonderful story. Leavenworth is magical. I live here. You can visit and view the web cam--the next best thing to being here. Every night about 4:45 the holiday lights go on (except 12/11 and 12/18 when the lights stay off in anticipation of our lighting ceremony.

  2. You are so lucky! I have not made it to the lighting ceremony unfortunately. I agree- Leavenworth IS magical! And it's the one place my hubby and I both love equally. I can't wait to go back...

  3. My little winter place is Lake Placid NY! I love it there.

    Enjoy your cake! lol!


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