Thursday, December 17, 2009

Like the Griswolds on Crack

In one of my previous posts I meant to make fun of my neighbors.  Yes I do have an evil streak in me.  But my neighbors are weird so its ok. ;)

The day after Thanksgiving my neighbors on both sides of our unit (we live in a 4-plex) busted out their Christmas decor.  Hey, I have been known to do that as well- I have no problem as long as they wait until AFTER Thanksgiving.  Its all good.

Two weeks later and they are still putting out decorations.  The funny part is- both of them are white guys married to Japanese ladies.  I think maybe they are trying to impress/please/educate them?  I don't know?  These two guys are weird though- I have to say that.  They are friendly enough- until I try to make coversation beyond the casual "hi, how are you?"

I was feeling the pressure- seeing how we didn't have any lights up outside or anything.  Well I guess I waited too long because one neighbor decided to extend his lights over MY door.  Huh?  Has he been gone from the states too long and forgot that it is a faux pas to decorate your neighbor's house without asking?  He already took up our little strip of grass between our front doors with his lights.  Maybe he thought that since we didn't complain about that he would go ahead and put lights over our door as well?  Geez!  If I could reach it, I would put our lights over HIS.  What could he say? Nothing!

My house is on the left- see the blue lights?  Those are the neighbor's on the right. The candy canes and green and red rope lights are his also.

I am not mad really, maybe a little miffed.  It is kind of like when someone flagrantly takes something out of your yard or cuts in line in front you.  I do like to point out the lights to my friends when they come by- it is funny then.

See how much I love my readers? (all 8 of them)- I went out to take a picture in my pajamas and slippers- my sock monkey slippers.  I have matching pj pants for them too- but they were in the wash...

I really wish I had said something when the first lights went up on our side of our grass.  It would have been something like- "Oh we don't celebrate Christmas, its against our religion."  The look on his face would have been worth it!  But really- what IF we didn't celebrate Christmas?   I would be MAD then!

The neighbor on the other side has kept to his own yard with his MANY decorations.  Of course he has the corner unit with the beautiful Japanese Maple tree.  (I covet that tree.  It has been shedding its little bitty multi-colored maples leaves on the sidewalk- it is quite beautiful.)

The imposing neighbors are moving- next year we will be the 'senior' residents.  Maybe I will take over the yard next time?  Of course not- I would never dream of being an ass like that.  I would rather bitch and gripe behind their backs.  That just how I roll...


  1. This post was too funny and memory provoking for me. I remember sharing little pieces of yard with neighbors and really just not knowing wtf to do .........I don't miss the common walls, especially bedrooms. I don't miss the running up and down stairs at all times and the loud stereo bass.I do miss the sense of family of the military though. No one thought anything of asking anyones spouse for help if a spouse was deployed. I love the dolls you bought for family back stateside. I wish I had appreciated all the unique little things when I was over there. Unfortunately, all I brought back was a doll for my mother. BTW I love your Christmas decorations. You must have really worked long and hard :)

  2. Hey Lisa,
    I grew up in living in one apartment after another- my parents refused to buy a house or even rent one (they moved out of state and bought a house after I graduated from high school though.) So living in housing reminds me my apartment living days. Even though we share an itty bitty yard out front- its not too bad. The complex I live in is older than dirt and the walls are extremely thick- I hardly hear a peep out of the neighbors, on either side.
    I have asked for help from the husbands left behind here a few times- they are definitely used to it! I still hate to do it. I am too indpendent for my own good I think.
    I am totally im love with the Kokeshi dolls myself. I have bought two for myself- one for my daughter and one for Hubby. I plan on having a large collection by the time we leave... ;)


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