Saturday, December 5, 2009

Something Happy and Something Sad...

So today and actually the past couple of weeks have been filled with highs and lows. Hubby coming home is at the top of the list of good things, that is for sure! Brother swam in his 2nd swim meet and today and he beat his times by 10 and 12 seconds. He made 3rd, 2nd and then 1st places on the heats he swam. I was so proud!! Last time he didn't so so well so I worried how it would go today. Honestly, the last meet he didn't even get upset about coming in last- he just enjoyed himself. That makes me so happy. I had to keep from crying today when he won first place, that was just an awesome moment in time. He didn't even know he came in first.  He walked up to me aftewards and asked, what place did I get?  The look on his face when I told him he was first was just priceless.  I AM SO PROUD!

So today after getting home from the awesome swim meet- I found out via email that Grandma has finally passed away:

Hi Nan,

Mother is gone. About 20 minutes ago. She went peacefully, Aunt and Uncle and I were there with her. We are ok. Please don't be too upset. She had a long and good life.

I love you. MOM

I knew it was coming just talked to my mom yesterday and she told me the end was very near. I know that my grandma is happily reunited with her family once more and I should be glad about that- and I am. But I didn't expect to feel such a hole in my heart as I do now. I haven't told the kids yet because I don't think I can without crying and I don't want to scare them or upset them. I did that to Brother when my dad died and I don't want to do it again.  I still remember how huge his eyes were when I told him his grandpa died and I was sobbing and crying.  He was so worried about me, and he was only 5 years old, poor little guy.
So I am going to "cowgirl up" so to speak.  I will focus on the good memories of my sweet grandma and remember all that she has taught me.  When I look at my thumbs I will be reminded that she is a part of me.  If you don't know what I mean by that- read my post from a couple of weeks ago.  I will keep her memory alive and tell my children and someday grandchildren about the best grandma a person could have.

Rest in Peace Grandma. 
 You are truly missed, the world will not be the same without you.

 Thankgiving 1991.  Grandma posing with her feast she had prepared for us...

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  1. I am sorry about your grandma :(

    First place is awesome!!

    Boy, those lines were really two extremes, huh?


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