Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Its Friday!  I missed the last two Happy Hours since they were both holidays.  That means that Hubby was hogging the desk top and I was too lazy to drag out my laptop to post anything. bleh

I am happy that it is Friday and tomorrow I will be sleeping in.

I am happy that Sister is feeling better and her fever has gone.

I am happy that I got in three good workouts this week before Sister got sick.

I am happy that Brother's grades are improving.

I am happy that we found a great place to eat curry at.

I am happy that I have lots of books to read on my shelves.

I am happy that I have lots of fabric to sew with.

I am happy that my friend just had a healthy and beautiful baby girl.

I am happy that I have a beautiful baby girl to sew pretty things for now.

I am happy I get to go to an 'adult'  party (as in no children allowed- not the other kind of "adult"- get your mind out of the gutter!) next week.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. You know me, I see the word adult! LOL

    I wish that I could sleep in. It was supposed to snow and all we got is a little light rain.

    Enjoy your sewing!!

  2. A great happy list for happy hour! I love adult parties too! Have fun! And happy Friday!

  3. Sounds like you have lots to be happy about. I've never been to Japan, but I'd like to someday!

  4. I accidentally killed my blog Friday evening, so I'm just now getting caught up on Happy Hour... :)

    Sounds like you have a lot to be happy about! Glad Sister is feeling better and Brother's grades are improving! :) I'm jealous you get to go to an 'adult' party... ;)


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