Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Hour Friday

Two weeks in a row!  If you want to join the fun- go see The Wizard of Otin and share your link to your own Happy Hour post.

This week started off crappy- but ended up great!

I am happy that my back is now feeling better (I strained it on Monday picking up a stupid bag the wrong way).

I am happy the kids seem to big over their colds/viruses- whatever.  Knock on wood no one else gets sick!

I am happy because I had  a GREAT time at the grown-up party on Thursday.  It was for Hubby's work- they like to have their "holiday" party after the holidays so that everyone can make it (and not on vacation/leave.)  We both drank way too much.  Our table was right next to the keg and  had only to share the bottle of wine with one other person at our table (and the shot of jack and the cranberry vodkas I had didn't help).  I even went home with an extra bottle I found on one of the tables after a lot of people had gone home already.  I am sure I didn't look like a wino carrying that out to the car (no we didn't drive.)

I am happy that after I got the kids off to school the next day- I was able to curl up on the couch and take a nice 3 hour nap.  I felt MUCH better after that.  I had felt like death warmed over when I first got up.  (I think I am getting too old to party like a rockstar anymore, ha!)

I am happy that people are reading my blog! *big smile*

Here's to a great weekend!  I might have to finish off that extra bottle I brought home now...


  1. Back problems suck! Mine goes out every once in a while.

    It is also nice when everyone is healthy. That is a good thing.

    I wish that I had a grown up party to go to.

  2. Great happy list! :) I'm glad that you had such a fun time at your adult party and then even got to take a nap the next day. That rocks! I can't party like that anymore either...if I do, then I feel like death warmed over far longer then I ever used to...:) Happy Friday! Cheers to finding our happy! :)

  3. thanks for playing HHF with us and be sure to tell your hubs that I thank him for his service.

    have a great weekend


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