Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

20 minutes ago they welcomed in the New Year in Tokyo- we watched it- on TV that is.  Actually I think the boy bands we were watching on TV were in Osaka.  They go all out here, I am quite impressed.  Of course I would have been more impressed to watch the festivities in person.  That is- opposed to watching it on TV after finally getting Hubby to quite playing Madden '10 for 5 minutes so we could watch the local Japanese TV station.  (I have myself to blame for the video game- it was my gift to him for Christmas.)

So did you make resolutions this year?  I don't normally make resolutions because I tend to get carried away and never carry anything out.  I know- join the club right?

But this year I AM going to make that list.  I don't know why- just feel like I should for some reason.

My first resolution is that I am going to do something fun for the next year- 2011.  It was depressing today not having any plans.  I bought a bottle of French champagne today- all in vain.  I didn't bother to open it.  Hubby prolly would just take a sip and the kids... well they WOULD sleep very well...  Just kidding! ;) So next year- Hubby or no Hubby- I am going to do something fun.  And no- I don't mean if he is on a ship somewhere I will go out anywhere.  I mean even if he is home- I am still going to make plans- whether he wants to join me or not!  I will walk down to the bar by myself if I have to, DAMN IT!  hee hee

My second resolution is to get back into shape.  I was actually on this path earlier this year- but the holidays and Hubby's homecoming put a wrench in the works.  So not only do I want to get into shape- but I would like to run a 5K at some point this year- they have them several times a year here.  I think I can do it without killing myself... I guess I will find out!  I am not going to put a number on how many pounds or how many inches I want to lose.  I figure if I get into good enough shape to run a 5K, then I will have met my goal!

I can think of a billion more resolutions- but I won't get carried away here.  I did join a reading challenge- so that takes care of my desire to read more.  I do want to sew more as well- I guess I will have to find a challenge for that one too.


I wish you all much happiness in the new year and the years to come!


  1. Happy New Year! Sounds like some great goals :) 2011 seems SO far away but really it is just 365 days from now.

  2. happy new year...i hope all your resolutions come true in the coming year...

  3. Happy New Year to you ,also! It is amazing that you are already in the New Year! God, it's a big world!

    I have no serious resolutions.

    Maybe a little more exercise?

  4. Happy New Year! I'm trying to make goals for the year, as opposed to resolutions. I think I tend to do better about reaching them if it's a goal as opposed to just a resolution that I later decide is a New Years whim. Anxious to hear what you decide to do for next New Years. :-)


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