Thursday, January 21, 2010

You ripped my picture

My kids love to draw, we have paper and markers and crayons all over the house.  Lately they have been drawing "Pokemon" characters (Pocket Monsters). 

It is Pokemonmania here.  This is a by-product of living in Japan of course.  We have even visited the Pokemon Center in Yokohama.  It was all crazyness with people everywhere and someone talking on the loudspeaker- didn't understand a word they said.  I admit, some of the little guys are pretty cute- my favorite is the monkey name Chimchar.  At the commissary they sell a lot of Japanese baked goods (because lets face it- bread coming from the states is not very fresh.)  They have these little sweet rolls that come in Pokemon packaging.  The kids love them because there are stickers inside.  You want to see a fight- watch one try to take the other's sticker!  Like I said- its Pokemonmania around here.

Last weekend Sister spent a good deal of time coloring her pictures- one she was especially proud of.  This time, instead of Pokemon- she was working on her Littlest Pet Shop animals (those with little girls know what they are).  After coloring we ran to the store for a few things, leaving Brother at home.  When we came back to the house there was a note left for me saying he went to his friends house.  Ok, no big deal. 
He came home an hour or two later and next thing I know the kids are fighting (not unusual these days.)  Sister comes to me with her picture- it has been ripped!  She accused her brother- he denies all wrongdoing and then goes back out to play.

A little bit later- Sister notices the note Brother left me.  It is small piece of paper that was torn from a larger piece of paper- namely her artwork.  She was livid!  When he came back home he was made to apologize- but it wasn't sincere.  I knew it, she knew it. Eventually she managed to move on and created some more masterpieces.

Later that night after the kids were in bed I saw something that made me bust up laughing.  In the same spot where Brother had left me the note on the stolen paper- was another piece of paper.  It read:
[Brother] you riped my pitcher

I love it.  The woman in her would just not let her let it go!  I love that little girl!


  1. Pokemon? I have no idea what it even is, after all these years. It sounds like something that two Jamaican inmates might do in a prison shower! LOL

  2. bwahahaha! Leave it to you to make Pokemon a dirty word! It is a Japanese phenomenon. There is a cartoon as well as a card game (not to mention tons of stuffed animals, figurines- what have you.)
    I'll never think of Pokemon the same now...


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