Monday, January 11, 2010

Knocked Down a Peg (or two)

I was a know-it-all.  I had it ALL figured out.  I thought I knew everything there is to know about being a Navy wife and could handle anything and everything.

And then I moved to Japan.

I am going to be presenting at a class that is geared for new Navy wives.  My presentation is called "Navigating the Maze".  It is for Compass- I became a mentor for the program this last fall.  It is a class to help new wives become educated about the Navy way and to help them understand how things work, and who and what are out there to help them when needed.  It is an AWESOME program- wish it was around when I first got married.

Anyway.  Part of my presentation has to do with attitude and to best approach life as a Navy wife.  I was thinking about how cocky I was (suck it up buttercup!)- I thought that because I have been a Navy wife for 14 years that I could handle whatever.  After coming here to Japan I felt like a total sham.  I was whiny, I was complaining.  I wanted to go back "home".  I hate complainers- and I became one!  For a while there I thought I should step down from being a mentor.  Because- frankly I felt like I was the one needing a mentor!

I just didn't realize it was going to be this HARD.  I mean- I had the worst time trying to get a damn passport.  I really thought that once I got the passport (still no no-fee passport by the way), got our stuff packed up and shipped out- the hard part was over!  I was not prepared like I thought I was. 

I thought I would be all gung-ho and take Tokyo by storm as soon as I got here.  It took me several weeks for just a short little visit.  I thought I would go out to eat sushi every day or every other day.  I didn't go to eat sushi until I had been here at least 6 weeks.  I thought I would learn the language by osmosis.  I am still struggling with "check please!"  I thought I would have all kinds of people asking me to teach them English.  I have yet to acquire one single student.  I thought my kids would be all for going to new places and trying new food.  They never want to leave the base and hate the train.  I thought Hubby would love it here and enjoy his new job.  He is not happy.

So what do I make with that?  The best that I can right?  It really isn't all negativity- there has been a lot of highlights too.  My attitude HAS improved as of late.  When it gets tough I stick to my navy wife motto- Fake it 'till you make it.  Amen.

So I have been knocked down a peg or two- thank you Japan.  I still love you and I am glad I came. :)


  1. I don't totally remember what I thought life in Germany would be like but I have had some similar thoughts about it as you have about Japan. Germany is our first duty station though so I don't know if some of what I have been through is the military or life in Germany. I guess I will find out soon enough.

  2. I cannot even imagine how hard it would be to live in another country like you are doing. I appreciate your honesty about it. I love your motto "Fake it 'till you make it" as that is a motto I've had to use myself in certain situations. :)

  3. Julie- that would be interesting to see how different it will be for you stateside. Even though a lot is the same as this is a Navy base- there is definitely a different sort of mentality here- I can't quite describe it. A lot of people here jump around from Guam, Hawaii and Japan- I think that is part of the difference here. I bet you are excited to go back stateside though?

    smiles4u- Another navy wife said that motto once and it stuck with me. Sometimes it is easier said than done tho!


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