Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday update

My day started off waaay too early.  Brother has been sick since Wednesday night.  I thought he was getting better- but last night/this morning proved otherwise.  There is nothing like the fear that strikes a parent's heart when 103.2 registers on the thermometer- especially at 2 in the morning.  Poor guy was just delirious- as a high fever will make one feel.  I remember feeling that way as a kid- it is quite scary.
I usually get up with Hubby in the morning and make coffee for him (because I am nice like that.)  This morning I had just gone back to bed when he got up- so no coffee for him today. 
I did have to drag myself back out of bed to make Sissy's lunch and get her off to school.  I made some coffee for me then- I desperately needed it.  The coffee pot beeps at me to tell me the coffee is ready.  I greedily pour myself a cup.  Hold on- why does the coffee look so watery?  #$#$%# it!!  I forgot to put fresh coffee grounds in the coffee maker- I only poured in water.  (And no- I am not diligent enough to clean my coffee maker out every day after I am done drinking coffee- that is reserved for the next morning.  Sorry- that is just how I roll.)
I did finally get my coffee made properly.  So now we are waiting for the time to leave for Medical (military/Navy term for the Medical Clinic.)  I am not sure what his temp is now- the thermometer died.  I have like three dead thermometers in the house now- this last one only lasted a few months.  grrrr

Did I mention I am getting braver and more comfortable about driving on Japanese roads now?  I finally braved a new section of town and finally found the mall!  Right next door is Viva Home- a Japanese version of Home Depot.  One could spend hours in there perusing all the cool Japanese gadgets.
Anyway I am pumped to get out and explore more.  There is a bigger mall I have been to by train- but I am going to try driver there next time.  My iPhone has a Maps app on it so if I get lost I can punch in "Home" and it will tell me how to get back home.  Very handy that is.  I can't read all of the kanji writing- but I can tell if I am on the right path or not.

We are eagerly awaiting for the magazine that Sissy posed for to come out.  We looked it up on the web and found it out it is due to be on the newstands on the 26th.  In the meantime she may have a couple of more jobs lined up.  She could have had a job today- but she has a slumber party to go to and I didn't want to stress out about getting back in time.  It is a good thing since Brother is sick and I would have had to cancel anyway.

Happy Friday.  I will sign off with this little number.  If you are a Navy wife you may have seen this already.  It is one my fave YouTube videos.  And before you say- "hey- shouldn't they be working instead of making videos?"  Let me point out that when they are underway/deployed- they work 12 on and 12 off every day.  No weekends off and no overtime pay (though they do get Sea Pay- but overtime pay would be much much more!)  I see this as a great way to let off some steam and it is a great "team-building" exercise as my Hubby would call it!

Oh- I learned something today- how to embed a video from YouTube- I am moving up in the world! ;-)


  1. My husband and I got a good chuckle from that video! And as far as Medical in many people complained about it, but I had nothing but good experiences. (And I was pregnant in Japan!) I somehow missed it once I came back to the states. Oh, and driving in Japan...I swear those narrow roads made me a better driver. I swear I'm going to live vicariosly through you...I would go back to Japan in a SECOND! Enjoy every minute you have there.

  2. Look at you, all fancy with the technology! :-)

  3. Ha! That's too cute! I love it when we see videos like that, it shows that they can still have fun =) Is your husband in it? lol I hope Brother is feeling better??

  4. No my Hubby is not in the video- that would have been cool though. We don't actually know any of those guys- it is just a video that has been circulating around. There is another one by the same squadron with the song Pump It- it is pretty cute too.
    Brother is a whole new child- poor guy he was so sick. It turned out that he had strep throat.

  5. Lilu- haha thanks! I was quite proud of myself. lol

    Rollercoaster- did you have your baby in Sasebo? I was talking to someone that was stationed there years abck and he said they didn't have a hospital so his wife gave birth in a Japanese hospital. She had a C-Section and apparently the Japanese don't do the whole drape thing to keep you from seeing it all. needless to say he won't forget that day! :-)

  6. what a cool vid...sorry about the sick one...i run miserably high fevers when i get sick...about every 5 years...usually results in a trip to the ER...nice on finding the mall, thats got to feel good...

  7. I have never seen that before. That was great!! They all need down time now and then!!!

  8. It's a lot of fun isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!


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