Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some more Japanese faves...

I don't have to leave to pick up my English student for another hour so I thought I would talk a little more about my favorite Japanese things.

Bento lunches! One of the pictures is upside down- I didn't realize the bento was upside down when I took the picture. But you can see the price in the lower right corner- 398Yen. That is roughly $4. Talk about cheap and yummy! I admit- I did not eat all of the seaweed looking stuff- but I ate just about everything else. It had a fried fish fillet, salted salmon, some sort of dumpling, a chicken nugget and tamago (egg omelet I mentioned before.) They have the best chicken nuggets here. I am not a big nugget fan- but I love them here. Of course I had to top off my lunch with a Caffe Latte from Mt Rainier. I am not sure if the coffee is really from Washington state- but who cares- it is good!  I bought this particular bento at the grocery store- but they can be found everywhere.  7-Eleven carries them and will make them to order.  Did I mention that there are 7-Elevens and AM/PMs on every corner?  That is not an exaggeration either!

Festivals, street fairs- whatever you want to call them.  They seem to spring up spontaneously- but I am sure there is much planning involved.  This particular one was last fall in Yamato (I may have posted pictures of this before?)  We had no idea it was there- we just happened to come across it stepping out of the train station.  What a nice little detour.  We found all kinds of food, drinks (beer) and dessert.  Sister enjoyed her chocolate covered banana on a stick.  It was good- but I am used to the banana being frozen- so I was surprised when it wasn't.  The last picture is a Japanese tea ceremony.

I am sure I will have more festival pictures to share in the future.  There will be a big cherry blossom festival next month I believe.  I can't wait!


  1. Fancypants -

    I am a navy wife currently stationed in Everett, WA. Last week my husband told me he wants to move to Japan next. Yikes! Naturally I freaked out and have been furiously researching what it's like for an American (esp a Navy wife) to live in Japan. I found your blog and ended up sitting here reading all of your posts. It helps put my mind at ease to see that things appear to be getting easier over time. I just wanted to say thanks for posting your experiences!

  2. Thank you! In the midst of all my babbling I was secretly hoping that it all might be helpful to someone like yourself. It DOES get easier. We had a terrible sponsor so I think that if we had had a better one the beginnings might not have been so rough.
    Good luck to you and your husband. Please drop me a line on my blog should you have any questions!

  3. I look at the pictures and wonder if you ever yearn to be back in the states? I feel like I would be so out of place in Japan.

  4. My BF from college lived in Japan 2 years and had amazing things to say about it. Bento lunch sounds good right this minute.

    And such a small world..I read anonymous' comment above. I am from Seattle and have family living in Everett!

  5. Those lunches look great! And they seem really healthy too =) And at a 7/11?? That seems odd. I cannot wait to see pictures of your cherry blossom festival, I hear that is so pretty!!

  6. Otin- trust me I AM out of place in Japan. The country is 99% Japanese- so if you are any other race than Asian people KNOW you aren't from these parts! I know I will be happy to go back stateside- but I will miss Japan dearly!

    Jenny- I LOVE the Pacific Northwest! We still have a house we are renting in Skagit County. Hopefully we will get to move back there.

    Kristina- 7/11's and AM/PMs here are totally different except the buildings look the same from the outside. There is no coffee brewing- no hotdogs, no Big Gulps! But they do have plenty of sodas, juices, beers and Hi-Chus (what I call Japanese wine coolers that come in a can- very tasty.) I'll have to take some pictures one of these days...


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