Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some more of my favorite Japanese things...

If you have read my other posts about cool Japanese stuff- you can probably tell that I like to take pictures of the things I buy that are different- or that I just love.  So here is another installment of some of my favorite Japanese things...

Mini beers!  Isn't this the cutest little can?  I am not really a big beer drinker.  But I saw these at the grocery store and had to buy a couple- just to say I did.  They look like "kid-sized" beers- though they are definitely not kid beverages!  I am not sure how popular these beers are here?  The drunk driving laws here are uber strict to say the least.  Maybe the mini beers are for those who just want a taste of beer but are driving so they can't consume too much?  I have noticed that some Japanese people really follow the "in moderation" rule.  Unlike me- who can eat a whole bag of cookies- here they would and could stop at just one.  It's major will power baby!  So maybe the little cans are for those who know that too much beer is bad- and just want a little taste?  I thought they were mighty tasty- Japanese beer is pretty good actually.  But like I said- I am not a big beer drinker..

Japanese bread!  I am just talking about the bread they sell in the grocery store- not the bakeries (I'll post about those later.)  As you can imagine, the bread we have at the commissary just plain sucks.  It is old and stale- which is understandable considering the length of travel they have had to endure to get here.  The Japanese bread "loaves" are thickly sliced and so fresh and yummy!  I made sure we had plenty for the after Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches.  Hubby totally loves the bread.  I have always eaten wheat bread- but I love the white bread here.  The slices are much bigger and they come 8 slices to a loaf.  There are no heels   included either- I am not sure what they do with them after they slice them off?  I am sure they get put to good use.
Speaking of the commissary- they do sell the local bread there as well- but with a big mark up.  I don't get that!

My lovely dishes!  I found these in the entrance to the grocery store (Maruetsu).  The plates were only 300 Yen each and the bowls I think were about 100 Yen each.  So cheap and so pretty!  I love the edamame bowls- so different than anything I would find stateside (at least without paying an arm and a leg.)  The plates are smaller than what we are used to- but I kind of think that is better.  Maybe I will eat less? ha ha  Anyhoo- I plan on buying more to add to my collection.  I am going to need a pretty china buffet now...

 Did I mention how carefully the cashier wrapped my dishes?  She actually put up a sign to say her lane was closed while she diligently wrapped each piece in paper.  When she was done she took down the sign.  I just love that!!


  1. Do they call Japanese dishes "China"? LOL!

  2. You are too funny- I never thought of that. Umm, I am not really sure what they are called. Now I will have to ask. :-)

  3. Hello! I just found your blog on, and I'm your newest follower. We lived in Sasebo for 3 years and LOVED it. I'm going to have to live vicariously through you because I miss it so much! Nice to meet you. Come by and visit me sometime.

  4. those dishes are how many mini beers come in a case?

  5. Roller Coaster- I am glad you found me! I know I will miss Japan when we leave as well.

    Brian- the beers are sold individually- at least what I saw. Maybe they sell cases at the liquor stores- I am not sure... I think I need to make a trip! :-)

  6. This is kind of off the subject, but I see you're a reader...have you read the book "Hitching Rides with Buddha" by Will Ferguson? It's a great book for people who have lived in Japan. I LOVED's about a gaijin who hitchhikes his way up Japan following the cherry blossom front. I highy recommend it!

  7. I will definitely look that up- thanks!


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