Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Matters and all that stuff

I think it is a result of my getting older- but I am becoming more health conscious each and every day.  What I used to take for granted seems so precious and precarious now.  Hubby and I watched Dr. Oz the other night- the topic was sleep apnea.  They showed this couple and how they actually would stop breathing in the night while sleeping.  According to Dr. Oz this was 'killing them'.  My step-father had sleep apnea, this is before the awareness of sleep apnea we have today.  My mom said she used to freak out when he stopped breathing and sometimes would shake him awake (much to his annoyance.)  Eventually he developed COPD (due to his years of smoking)- the docs gave him oxygen to breathe at night.  The poor man finally started sleeping well- unfortunately three years later he suffered a fatal heart attack.  At least now I know why he was so grouchy all those years while I was growing up (it wasn't me!) :-)  Poor guy- if only he had been treated all those years ago.

Forward to present time- I think Hubby has sleep apnea.  After watching Dr. Oz I can hardly sleep if Hubby is snoring  (it never bothered me much before.)  At times he sounds like he is choking or drowning- it so scary.  Am I overreacting?  I don't think so.  So how do I convince him to get help?  And how do I convince him to eat better as well.  I am overhauling our meals and what kind of foods we eat.  He seems to think we need meat at every meal- I say we need protein- does not have to come from meat.  I need to get creative here- maybe I should get some vegetarian cookbooks?  I'll just have to make sure he doesn't see them. ;)

So my question is- how do you convince your partner to eat better and generally take better care of his/herself?

On a side note- I am still trying to avoid sweets.  I have given in a time or two- but generally have done well.  I have lost 10 pounds since the start of the year.  My clothes fit better, so that is encouragement in itself.  BUT...

GUYS- close your ears- unfortunately I think most of those 10 pounds came from my bossoms- Hubby agreed with me too.  Darn! 

Why can't we CHOOSE how to distribute our fat?  Of course if that were the case the women would all have double D's and the guys- well you can imagine where that would go..

I think my next post will be about plastic surgery- yay or nay?


  1. I think that you just need someone to inspire you in order for a drastic change in eating habits. I have changed quite a bit recently.

  2. Love does mysterious things, doesn't it? ;)


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