Friday, October 9, 2009

Typhoons and Deployments

My sweetie is deployed again. This time it will be a shorter trip- hopefully he will be back in time for the holidays. It still sucks to see him leave again of course.
It never ceases to amaze me how we (hubby and I) behave before he leaves. You would think we would be cuddling and savoring every last moment together. Not quite. Husband almost always withdraws and finds something to occupy his time- usually the computer. It is a cycle of deployment I know and actually not unusual for someone to do prior to a big separation. Of course I want him to help around the house and make things easier for when he leaves. Instead he makes a huge mess packing his gear and then proceeds to ignore the world around him. This time around I was infuriated. So I started nagging at everyone for not picking up after themselves (in my defense they were all like mini tornadoes that day). Hubby just kept his distance. I think he knew- I was angry that he had to leave again. I am supposed to be a seasoned Navy wife- but I still get angry.
The next morning was better (he was to leave that night)- we were actually talking and cuddling. That night we were to drive him to where the buses were coming to pick him up to take him to the ship. Gathering his last minute items and putting on his uniform- Hubby was swearing and stomping around the house. I asked him what was wrong but I only received an incoherent response- so I kept my distance. I did notice he was sweating and then he started sniffling. His eyes were full of tears he was fighting to hold back. I hate seeing him like that.
We drove to the bus stop and waited with him for the bus to come. When the bus arrived he gave me a big hug- I could hear him literally choking back the sobs that were fighting their way out. I told myself not to cry. If I cry- the kids cry. Besides- I had already cried the night before. We waved goodbye to him and walked to our car. The kids took it very well- I am proud of them.

The next day they are telling us Super Typhoon Melor is headed for Japan. I was not too worried- we have had a typhoon warning before and nothing came of it. A couple of days later Super Typhoon Melor was downgraded to a plain old Typhoon Melor. But the base was telling us to be prepared- it was still headed our way. Next thing we know school is going to be closed and the base was to be shut down. Well- that is kind of serious huh?

(Typhoon Melor is still on the move)

Funny that the ship pulled out just in time- just leave us behind with a Typhoon right? I know it wasn't planned but what timing huh? So I cleaned the house, stocked up with water, flashlights, batteries, candles and food. We hunkered down for the storm. It was eerily quiet before it all began. There really is a calm before the storm. I stayed up quite late to watch the storm- I admit I was excited in a way. I did eventually get to sleep- and woke up at 3am to the sound of thunder. Sister woke up and came in my bed- she was frightened. I was a little frightened as well- it was pretty nasty outside and I was worried the power would go out. I knew the eye was getting close- there was no telling what it would do.
I actually slept through most of the eye of the storm. When I woke up it was still crazy outside- but obviously we were all going to be okay. It eventually stopped raining and the sun came out. it was the oddest thing- the wind was still whipping at the trees- yet the sun was shining like it was the middle of summer. Every once in a while a storm cloud would pass and it would get dark for a moment or two. I walked outside to get something out of my car- so strange not to see a soul outside- it was all very quiet. Once the wind died down the "all clear" was given and all of the sudden there were children everywhere. I made the kids go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I needed a reprieve.
That evening it got dark very quickly. The air smelled different- it was cleaner somehow. My friend said it was like fresh washed linen- I had to agree.

We have had quite a week. It feels like at least two weeks have passed since Husband left- but in fact it has only been 5. That is a lot to take all in a matter of 5 days. Somehow I feel refreshed and energized, inspired even. I wonder why that is?

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