Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What freaks me out

Today I had a few "freak-out" moments.  Ok I admit it, I am high-strung at times.  But when something sets me on edge I have a hard time shaking it.  One of the things that freaked me out today was when I dropped my iPhone.  It bounced. Twice- and the sim card popped out.  When I put it all back together it was telling me "no service".  I thought for sure I had broken my iPhone- which by the way is my only phone as we don't have a house phone.  And- I was across town with a car that was sounding like it wanted to die. 
I walked across the street to the cell phone store (at least I dropped my phone in a convenient place).  I handed the phone to the polite Japanese girl and told her what happened.  So she starts fiddling with the phone wearing a very concerned look on her face (at least that is what I interpreted that look to be).  It turns out she was checking out her cuticles.  And voila!- she got it to work again.  I wanted to hug and kiss her- but that would probably "freak" her out.

Here is my top ten list of things that freak me out.  This is not the same as things that scare me- the things that scare me include losing my family, getting in a horrible car crash- legitimate fears that I am sure I share with a majority of the population. 

These are things that cause me to go into panic mode.  Usually it's all internal, but everyone once in a while people can tell I am freaking out. ;)

1. When my car sounds like it is going to die on me in the middle of traffic.  It did that today- on a hill.  You know- that little sputter thing that cars do when they want to just take a nap right there on the spot.

2. When animals run across the road while I am driving.  I hit a cat once- I felt so bad.  I tried to find the poor thing- and almost got hit myself in the process.  I avoided that road for a long time after that.  Hubby has been angered more than once when driving and a cute bunny rabbit hops across the road- and I freak out like we are about to slam into a large semi.

3. Running late to the airport.  I hate that feeling that I am going to miss a flight and possibly ruin a trip I am about to take.  I am one of those people that likes to get to the airport like a day in advance- to be on the safe side.

4. Thinking I lost something- like my wallet or car keys.  This is especially true now that I live in a foreign country.

5. When the phone rings at 2 am.  No one calls at that time in the morning with happy news...  Unless of course they have a wrong number.  I have a hard time going back to sleep after that happens.

6. When a major household appliance does not work.  This is especially true of of our house back in Washington that we are renting out.  I got an email early this morning saying they (the renters) were having trouble getting the heat to come on.  Turns out it was just a light switch that needed to be flipped up.  I was convinced we were going to have to buy a new furnace.  (That still could happen so I will knock on wood.)

7. Thinking that I made someone mad at me.  I am very sensitive to people's moods.  So if someone is having a bad day I automatically think it has to do with me.  (Because it is ALL about ME, right?)  This true for hubby too.  I start feeling bad about something I didn't know I did or didn't do- just based on his bad mood or if he is too quiet.

8. When I have a wardrobe mishap- just before I am about to go somewhere.  I had a beautiful silk dress I bought at Macy's before we came here.  I meant to wear it to the Khaki Ball.  I should have taken it to the cleaners to steam out the wrinkles for me.  I tried ironing the day of the event- only to get a huge water spot on it.  So I had to wear something else.  I was so distraught that I didn't even want to go the event- even though I was the one who insisted Hubby get us tickets.  (I did have a good time that night inspite of myself.)

9. When my computer acts up on me.  This applies to technology in general.  I get so upset thinking about all the money spent- only to have the damn thing not work. GRRRR

10. MOVING.  It is stressful- that is a given.  But so many aspects of it just send me on a whirlwind of freak-outs.  Read my posts about getting a passport- there is a good example.  My co-workers got to see me freak out every time I called those damn people in the passport office.  I was completely over the top freaked out that I wasn't going to get a passport- therefore not be able to move to Japan- therefore not be able to see Hubby for a long long time.  DOUBLE GRRRR

I think that is it, it should be, well maybe I could add a few more things, or a lot more...  I told you I am high-strung didn't I?

What freaks you out?

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