Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colors of Fall

Autumn has finally made an appearance in the land of the rising sun!  While I would rather have warm weather year-round, I do enjoy the beautiful fall colors.  When it isn't raining, it has been beautiful these past couple of weeks.  I thought I would share the joy...

Cherry Tree

Fountain in Hikichidai Park in Yamato

Found these ginormous mums at the park as well.  They were all potted and on display- maybe it was some sort of a competition?   I don't know- but they were beautiful and HUGE!  I am talking as big as a large cantaloupe.

more mum beauty, did I say how BIG they were?

Older gentleman playing shuffleboard (at least that is what it looks like.)

same park, I love how the leaves carpet the ground.

I will be sad when the leaves are gone and winter rears its ugly head.  I am apologize to those who adore winter, but this girl only likes snow on Christmas morning and mountain tops.

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