Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tired of it all...

When does it end?  Or does it ever end?  
Are we as humans doomed to forever finger point, blame, and bad mouth each other?  I am so tired of it all.  I am tired of feeling like I have to defend my beliefs and views.  I am tired of feeling like my beliefs and views are being trampled.  Or where I am from, or who I associate with, or what my ethnic background is.  I consider myself a liberal conservative.  That means I lean to to the right in the way of supporting the military and a smaller government, but I believe in a woman's right to choose and gay marriage.  I also am in favor of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. I'm a Christian, but I don't believe it is right to instill prayer at school.  If you want your children to pray, send them to private school- OR pray with them at home!

Democrats and Republicans share responsibility in all this mess we are in (economy)- yet they are too busy blaming each other to work together for a solution.

When I was a kid, people went around saying that if you didn't go to church you were a heathen and going to hell.  Now, if you go to church, you are an idiot sheep and are probably from Texas.  By the way, I was born in Texas.  And you won't find me running around screaming "get a rope!" every time someone says or does something I don't agree with.

Somehow it feels like if you take one stance- to the far left or far right- then you have earned the right to judge the other side.  We are all about free speech until someone says something we don't like.  Or, people will abuse their right of free speech to trample on other rights.  For example, the lovely people from that cult church in Kansas who like to protest the funerals of fallen troops.  Yes, they have a right to say whatever they want- even if they are protesting the very people who have defended their rights to say what they want.  But do they have a right to interfere with the right to grieve in private and with respect?  What if people decided to stand outside of schools (but not on school grounds) with signs saying "drinking alcohol is cool!" or "School is dumb, your teachers don't like you."  Are they merely expressing their opinion, or are they interfering with our rights to encourage our children to be good citizens?  How far do we take our rights to free speech?

I read a quote today (sorry I can't remember who said it)- it went something like this:
"A satiated man will look upon a loaf of bread differently than a hungry man."
Are we so satiated that we forgot and/or take for granted what rights we do have?

And then there are the women who bad mouth each other.  One camp says women should stay at home with their children, don't let someone else raise them.  The other says women need a career, only women who are dumb and useless stay at home with their kids.  How about we do what's best for our situation?  How about we support each other?  It's like breast feeding.  I whole heartedly agree that breast feeding is a wonderful thing to do for your child.  But the pressure that is put on women to do so is simply ridiculous.  I don't care how many solutions you can come up with- it is just not going to work for every woman and family.  I think it is lovely that some women nurse for two years, that's great.  But don't judge others because they don't follow suit.

What else can I bitch about?  I know, this is not my usually kind of post.  I try to stay away from politics and anything too controversial.  But is it just me, or have people lost all tolerance for those who don't think the same exact way?  Every time I hear or see someone say "I hate Republicans, or I hate Democrats", I just want to scream.  Know what I hate?  I hate all the energy that is wasted bashing the President- regardless of who holds that position.  How is that productive I ask you?  I am not saying that if one disagrees with the actions and/or policies that President has set forth- that he or she should not say anything.  But let's not take things out of context to suit our own political agenda.  I know- that is the nature of the political beast, isn't it? I am just wasting strokes on the keyboard, aren't I?

I really don't like it when people get so judgmental.  I suppose that makes me a hypocrite- since I am judging them back?  Maybe I am wrong, maybe it is a good thing to judge each other?  What do you think?

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  1. I think sometimes judgments help us to erect defenses - sometimes necessary and sometimes not. Example - if you see someone dressed in all black with a huge bulge under the back of their black leather jacket and they're looking around, eying lots of women, one would proooobably make a certain assumption.

    If that guy happens to be trying to bring home a bottle of champagne under his coat and has a ring in his pocket and he's hoping to surprise his girlfriend, the judgment we make is generally one of self interest.

    Where things go too far is when discussion turns away from talking with each other and goes to talking AT people. I think a lot of times people get passionate and talk AT each other, assuming if they just say enough words, they'll change someone else's mind - never mind that their own opinion can't be swayed, oh no sir!

    Maybe people are trying to change too much at once, wanting everything to be to their liking, instead of trying to create happiness, comfort, and security in their own individual lives? I think the biggest differences can be made at a local level and I kind of miss the village concept.

    I know we can potentially get a lot of that "village" feeling as military spouses - bonding together with people from our ship/squadron/unit or neighbors who all deal with similar situations, but it can be hard in a transitory lifestyle - sometimes we don't want to put down roots when we know we'll be moving. Maybe that's part of the whole thing? With more and more people moving more and more often due to jobs, family, etc..... people don't become vested in their homes/towns/neighborhoods/etc?

    All I know is a li'l more tolerance and a li'l more compassion could go a loooong way in the world today!


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