Friday, November 5, 2010

Food Fun Friday- Crunky Nude Balls

I'm going to start this post off with a picture- so ya'll don't think I am being dirty:

I found these at Lawson's (it's a convenience store like 7-11).  The title alone said "buy me because I have a funny name and you can put this on your blog".  (Isn't or is it sad that I am always thinking if I can put this or that on my blog?)

"Nude" actually refers to the color of the inside of the little cookies- which is a beige-ish color.  So what else could we call these- "Beige-ish crunky (or crunchy as I believe they were going for) balls"?  Honestly, I couldn't think of a better name than Crunky Nude Balls

Awesome.and.delicious  Oh yes they were!  They were especially delightful to eat in the inebriated state I was in after another wonderful night at the Beer Garden.  Have I mentioned the Beer Garden?  We go every Friday night- Jaime, Jason and I.  It has become our weekly ritual.  It gives us something to look forward to every week.  And tonight I am especially excited.  My hubby will be going with us as well (because he is home)!!  Yay!!

Oh- I thought that was all I had for you- but here is a picture of the delicious Chu-Hi's I bought that same night (but did not drink THAT night- honest!).  Chu-Hi's, not to be confused with hi-chu's- are delightful little cocktails in a can.  They are kind of like wine coolers, but with a little carbonation.  I especially liked the orange whiskey- which I drank at a later date!  Oh- hi-chu's are are little chewy candies- like Starburst- but bigger with more flavors.  I'll get a picture for you next time.  But for now- Chu-Hi's:

Gotta go- Beer Garden is calling...


  1. I love this name! I'm going to start blurting it out at inappropriate times.

  2. Too funny. I just saw these in the train station today! I love this country and their attempts at English!


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