Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

While Hubby couldn't be here, we still had a pretty ok Halloween.  This year I was well prepared with oodles of candy.  Last year I ran out in one hour, I was so not expecting that many trick or treaters!!

I asked- and you said you would like to see my sewing projects, so here you go.  I made Sissy and her BFF matching costumes.  Well- I made them skirts.  They were super easy and super fun.  At times it is good to do a simple and fun project.  There is something to be said for enjoying the completion of a project.  Am I right?

I was inspired by the tail and ears that we found in a Japanese department store.  The little witche's hat is too cute.

I made the fur piece as a belt- but with the sweater (needed to keep warm), we decided to tie it around her shoulders instead.

Sissy's skirt was orange and black, and her BFF's skirt was purple and black.  I originally planned on doing two different fabrics with the same colors.  But Jaime and I saw the polka dots and I knew they were "it"!
The fur pieces were made from a boa I cut up and sewed ribbons to.  I didn't get a very picture of the girls together unfortunately.  I should have taken a moment and made them step inside where the light was better...

And Brother...  Well he is past the point where he will let me make costumes for him.  I tried to order something for him, but he wasn't inspired enough to tell me what to order.  Today he just grabbed some black capes out of our costume trunk (ie an orange Rubbermaid tote).  He asked me to make him look like a vampire.  I don't have any costume make-up, so I grabbed some powder and black eyeshadow and eyeliner.  I added a little green under his eyes as well.  It wasn't too bad for not having the right tools!

Tonight he cracked me up.  He totally got into "character" and made our front porch into our own haunted house of sorts.
want some candy?
He thought of this all on his own.  The Japanese visitors were so freaked out!  He scared a few people by suddenly opening his eyes and sitting up.  I think next year we will get him a job at the haunted house! ha ha
These guys were taking all kinds of pictures, at first they weren't sure he was real.
Braaaaiiiiins!!  Not to be outdone by the vampire get-up,
Brother discovered that the make-up I put on him doubles as zombie make-up!!
I think next year we are all going as zombies.  We have the walk down and everything!

Hoping you have a wonderful and sweet-filled Halloween!!

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