Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don't know much

But I do know:

1. If you have children in school- it is wise to invest in a good quality pencil sharpener.  The cheap ones break easily and kids always need to sharpen their pencils. 

2. Also, be sure to have a good supply of No. 2 pencils on hand, WITH erasers.

3. Stainless steel bottles are better for our health because there are no plastic chemical watchamacallits that cause cancer.  However, they should ONLY be used for water.  Why?  Because stainless steel bottles make the perfect dark environment that mold likes to grow in.  So if they aren't washed out completely, which apparently I did not do, you will be sure to find mold growing inside when left to sit in the cupboard for a month.

4. Drinking water out of a stainless steel bottle containing mold in not a good idea.  It tastes horrible.  Sissy actually swallowed some of the mold by accident.  She is ok, but we were both extremely grossed out and pukey feeling after that.

5. Always inspect the inside of your drinking bottles before using them, no matter how meticulous you were about cleaning them last month.  Why?  See numbers 3 and 4.

6. NaNoWriMo is fun, and I wish I had tried it before now.  And it also makes me think about how many words I am writing.  For example, I was just wondering what the word count is for this post- as if it would count towards the 50,000 required to "win".

7. Homecomings are always wonderful.  Homecomings when your sailor is wearing his dress blues- that is even better!

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  1. Auuuugh! And I read that while eating lunch! *laughs I feel obligated to go and check my water bottles for goo now..... GAHHH! *laughs more

    Though I can't disagree with you - investing in good sharpeners (and many erasers) is important, NaNo is awesome, AND Dress Blues for Homecoming is the BEST!!!!!


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