Saturday, October 30, 2010

What did I get myself into?  Brother is having his birthday sleep-over tonight.  He has only two friends over, but that is two too many boys in my house.  How do people do it that have more than one boy?  I know, I am being silly and I would love to have more than one boy.  (I'll keep telling myself that anyway.)  Not that it matters, the baby factory is closed.  Forever.

Stupid typhoon prevented Dad from being here for it.  Stupid typhoon put trick or treating on hold and ruined all kinds of fun.  Actually, the stupid typhoon isn't really all that bad either.  But 'just in case' everything has been cancelled.  But not our sleep-over.  Yay me!

Now there are three 11 and 12 year old boys running around the house, sounding like they are breaking everything in sight.  My son?  He has lost all of his "mom" hearing.  All of the sudden, I no longer exist. *sigh*

I'll be good, I will smile and enjoy his fun.  This night is about him.  I just need to survive, and then I can look back and shudder smile.


Help me!

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