Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Fun Friday- There're POPROCKS in my ice cream!

Sissy and I enjoyed a little sushi at our favorite (and cheap) sushi go-round last week.  We decided to top off a perfect lunch with the perfect dessert from Baskin Robbins.  Yes- my dears- we have Baskin Robbins in Japan!  I don't know why- but I waited all this time to finally try them out.

We ordered a Halloween Sundae to share.  The two flavors we picked  were Halloween Lantern (had white and chocolate swirls with little candy pumpkins) and Magical Mint Night (purple and blue ice cream with candy bits.)

The sundae was topped with the requisite whipped cream, nuts, brownie bits, some lovely little sugar cookies and chocolate bats.

The best part was the ice cream.  I bit into the Magical Mint Night- so delicious.  And then, surprise!!  All of the sudden there was a popping in the back of my mouth!  I had no idea there were Pop Rocks in the ice cream!  Who knew that was even possible?  Apparently if you carefully coat them with more candy- they won't "pop" until you bite into them. 
Best. Ice Cream. Ever.
This is a true work of art- and it tasted as good as it looked.

see that green piece of candy? that's a candy coated POP ROCK!!

Japanese Halloween pumpkins are much happier than American pumpkins!
I am going back this weekend to get Brother an ice cream cake for his birthday party, can't wait!!

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  1. Mmmm that ice cream looks so good!


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