Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Land of One Million Bicycles

I took these pictures outside the entrance to the Tsukishima subway station, near Shibuya (Tokyo).  As opposed to forgetting where you parked your car- at least the walk through the 'parking lot' is shorter when you are in bicycle parking!

I myself have not been brave enough to ride my bike off base- it is way too crazy for me!  Plus, I need to get a bell to ring at people on the sidewalk so they can get out of my way.  I am not joking, when you are walking on a sidewalk and hear a bell ringing, you step to the side so as not to get run over.

Next I must get a picture of someone riding their bike holding an umbrella- as I have seen on many a rainy day.  Now THAT is dedication my friends!  (illegal apparently- but still dedicated...)


  1. Or the people texting while holding an umbrella and balancing a load of groceries while riding a bike...

    That's rather epic!

    I might miss the scads of bicycles once we get back to the US. Whaddya think???

  2. My favorite is the noodle delivery guy- oh wait- that's a scooter, not a bicycle. Crazy scooters, now there's another topic to blog about!
    I won't miss the bikes in the street, streets that should be one way alleys...

  3. *laughs Me either!!! Scary scary... I have a pic somewhere of Jessica standing in the middle of one of those streets with her arms spread to give people an idea of how tiiiiny some of the streets here really are. Two way streets! Gah!

    Don't forget to blog about random car decorations too - from crazy to kawaii, Japan's got it all! Feather boas and disney characters arranged just so, jalapenos and other random danglies hanging from the top of the windshield, with matching seat covers....

    Gotta love it! Just keep an ear out for the ominous "ching ching!" of the bicycle bell and stay safe while you're out and about! :oP


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