Wednesday, April 1, 2009

first blog entry of my first blog

The idea to start blogging when I realized I needed an outlet and also to save my co-workers from every drama that seems to befall me these days. My hubby the sailor is in Japan and I am at home with our two children. We will be joining him in Japan this summer as we are moving there for about 3 years as a part of hubby's transfer. So here I am, I am dealing with all the trials a single parent faces- and trying to get our house ready to rent out, and all of the many many details that need to be taken cared of before we can leave.
I was not happy about Japan at first. We live in a small town in the Pacific Northwest that I love. We bought our first house here almost 4 years ago. I really thought we were here to stay. Hubby should have been able to get new orders and stay here right? I have been a Navy wife for more than 13 years now- but I had fooled myself into thinking we were civilians now. But- home is where the Navy sends you. I was also really upset about leaving my job. But it is just a job, and I will truly miss my friends I have made there- but I shouldn't be upset about the job itself- other opportunities will come my way.
Now, I am excited. I don't know why I never considered Japan before. I think it is because I had my hopes on Italy or Spain (never will happen.) Everyone I talk to that has lived there or know someone who did says they LOVED it there. I have been trying to learn some of the language- I now know how to order two beers- one for each hand I guess? Ha. The kids are very hip to eating lots of Japanese food- so going out to eat is something we all look forward to. We have made the promise of taking them to Disney Tokyo as well- so they took the bait. :)
We have 4 months to go- it is going to go by fast!

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