Monday, April 13, 2009

And this one day, a friend talked me into signing up for Facebook

Life will never be the same! I am talking with friends I have heard from in YEARS. It is wonderful and terrible all at the same time. I am sure everyone goes through it and it completely amazed at the process. I have to say it has sucked all of my free time I had this weekend! On a good note I found an old friend (we're talking from when I was 4 years old), that I had lost touch with. She's living in a different state, so its no wonder I couldn't find her before.
I am trying to talk Hubby into getting an account, I think he would enjoy it as some of our mutual friends are on. But he's too busy with World of Warcrap to tear himself away long enough I think. Yes, I intentionally say Warcrap in place of Warcrap. I'll have to post my thoughts on that lovely game at another time.
So I am supposed to be getting ready to move, instead I am busy on the computer blogging and getting in touch with old friends. Who can blame me? This is so much more fun!!

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