Thursday, April 9, 2009

My little girl will be 7 next month

Tonight Sissy helped cook dinner- at her insistence. She is always asking to help, but i get nervous about letting her use the stove. Tonight I realized how big she is getting when she stepped right up to brown the ground turkey. She knows to hold the pan just right and how to be careful and not burn herself. When did she go from being a baby to being able to help cook dinner? Pretty soon she will be MAKING dinner. While the thought of having someone cook for me doesn't sound so bad- it makes me sad that she is growing so fast.
Brother had a baseball game tonight. There is a big pile of dirt right behind the playing field. Sissy ran right to it and started to dig. I told her to stay out of the dirt, but then changed my mind. What's so bad about her getting dirty, playing in the dirt? I am glad she still enjoys it. It is so much better than chasing boys! I am sure that day will come, but for now I will remind myself to enjoy the playing in dirt days.

This last picture is Sissy sleeping with "Wolfie"- Brother brought it home for her from Great Wolf Lodge.

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  1. She's looking so grown up!!! I'm being told it happens fast =)


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