Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tulip festival is here, where are the tulips?

It is so cold! I wish for warm weather and sunshine! Some of my tulips have finally popped up when the sun came out last weekend. But now it is freezing cold again, the rest of the bulbs may decide to go back into the ground and wait it out. Now is when I miss sunny Southern California.
Brother is sick yet again. I left work early to pick him up from school and he had a 102 fever. Took him back to the doctor- its just a virus on top of his double ear infections he already has. We got his fever down and he felt well enough to play his baseball game tonight. It got so cold I really felt bad for him. He did very well in spite of it. He got to pitch tonight and was doing pretty good. But then he walked one of the batters and he got so upset with himself that coach found someone else to pitch. He is so darn hard on himself, I don't know how to make him loosen up and forgive himself. I think he gets that from me, I don;t like making mistakes either- especially when everyone is looking. And when you are the pitcher everyone watches what you do.

Well, I hope the weather report is wrong and the Eater Bunny brings us some sunshine this weekend!! Here are some pictures of my flowers in my garden.

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