Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well the kids have their passports...

I still do not have mine, however. I have been calling everyday. I just get told that they are working on it. What the heck are they "working on"??- Working on driving me mad??! Still the kids passport pictures are adorable and they think its pretty cool to have their own passports. Hopefully mine will be straightened out soon. The sad part is, these are "no-fee" passports, which means that they are only issued in conjunction to being a military family member stationed overseas. In other words, it is only good for Japan- where Hubby is stationed. Sooo, we need to apply for a regular passport as well. We want to be able to travel to Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, maybe even Australia. There are shopping trips where they fly you over to Korea for the day, and then you fly back. That sounds like a blast. Lord knows I love my retail therapy!

On a sadder note, I think brother is having a hard time with his dad being gone. He had a bad dream that we were married to different people. Maybe that is because he feels we are no longer a couple since we are physically separated? Today he had a couple of bad encounters with his friends and classmates. He got in trouble at Boys and Girls Club- where he goes after school. He walked away from a staff member and that earned him a time-out. Of course getting into trouble set him off even more. He was spitting mad and just plain upset when I picked him up. He was at the point of being violent, wanting to hurt someone or break something. I felt so helpless- I couldn't console him. Soon I too was in tears. All I could do was hug him and ask what I could do. He hds a baseball game afterwards. I was worried he wouldn't be able to shake his mood. But the team did really well tonight, winning yet another game. He was pumped by the time the game was over. I love watching him get excited like that. In fact, all of the boys were pumped- it was heart warming to see their huge smiles!

Now he is looking sad again. I hope I can find a way to help him, this is breaking my heart...


  1. I'm so sad for him =( I'm glad that baseball is an outlet!

  2. Thanks Kristina. He is in much spirits now at least. I love it when he is in a good mood- my whole world lights up!

  3. I hate that helpless feeling of not being able to fix every problem that our kids have. Jake is having trouble with friends- he is clearly having huge social issues that I attribute to our unique family situation- he told me tonight he feels lonely and sobbed for a good half hour because he knows other kids think he's weird. First I wanted to cry, then I wanted to wring every mean kid's neck, then I wanted to pull him from school so he wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. Now I just feel sad too. Who said motherhood would ever be so heartbreaking?

    Does husband have access to this blog so that he can also keep up with the kids and you?

  4. Poor Jake, it is terrible to feel lonely. That makes me want to cry just thinking about him being sad. It is terrible to see our children feel pain. But it will make him stronger too and he will grow up to be a very good person- especially with you for a mom!

    No, I haven't told hubby about my blog. When he is deployed I don't want him to read about all of our problems and make him feel helpless because of where he is. It is hard for me- but it is also hard on him- he misses us terribly I know. I know I couldn't handle being away from my children for that long! I am thinking of making a website for our family that I will keep light hearted so he can check into that to see what we have been up to. And plus our extended family can check it out as well.
    Luckily for now, he can chat with us on the webcam and call us routinely. Once he deploys, we won't be able to communicate as easily- but we should be able to get emails across to each other.

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