Thursday, April 2, 2009

Passport troubles

I guess I have taken my US citizenship for granted, I never thought I would have to prove that I am a US citizen. Apparently the State Dept. finds it necessary! Because there is no hospital name listed on my birth certificate, the passport people have suspended my application due to suspicion of fraud. My parents were born here, my grandparents, my great-grandparents- but yet they find it necessary to prove that I was born here too! Hubby made fun of me for keeping all of my report cards from when I was a kid- but I am hoping they come in handy now! I have sent off report cards and immunization records, as well as my old original birth certificate. I hope it works. Of course the website where I can check on the status is "temporarily unavailable" and has been all week.
This is a major stress point for me right now, I will feel so much better when this is cleared up! I am refusing to believe this will interfere with my move!

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